[HCDX]: Good Mongolian Propagation
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[HCDX]: Good Mongolian Propagation

Here in north-central New Hampshire, I had outstanding reception Sunday 
morning of Voice of Mongolia just after 1200 on 12085. This was the best 
reception I've had in three years of regular listenig to this station-we 
only get a reception window here twice a year, late March and late 
September in the mornings. The signal was almost a 4 with only the whip 
antennae on both a Sony SW 77 and also a Magnavox/Phillips D2395. 
Program was in English with female announcer and lots of music, at the 
end she asked for reception reports at their standard CPO 365 (?) box. 
They actually ran over and the transmission ended at 1243, 13 minutes 
late. In the past I've had splash from Radio Nederlands on Madagascar on 
12090 but that was not there today.

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