[HCDX]: Sunrise Radio on 5850 kHz
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[HCDX]: Sunrise Radio on 5850 kHz

Hello friends,

After hearing several reports about Sunrise Radio recently I thought I'd try out
for myself.  I listened from 1700-1930 UT today (30/3) first of all on 5840 kHz
where reception was fair with some bad propogation and QRM on nearby
frequencies.  I had to leave at 1850 but when I returned at 1858 I was surprised
to hear it had jumped up to 5850 kHz and the reception was FANTASTIC, booming in
like a  local MW station.  

I'll continue to keep a watch on this station as it becomes more and more like a
regular.  Does anyone know the real purpose of these tests?


Stephen Howie, Saltcoats, Scotland
BDXC-UK Member No. 1458
Editor of HF Logbook for BDXC-UK
Matsui WR 220D, telescopic whip (SW)
JVC MX-D601T, basic loop (MW)
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