[HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address
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[HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address

>At 0:50 +0900 3/31/98, jdstephens@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>>Has the URL for the Nordic Shortwave Center's website changed again?
>>The following address no longer seems to be valid, as I receive an error
>>message stating same whenever I try to connect:
>The correct URL is http://swl.sydsvenskan.se/ (no "www.")
>But even that is not working.

I guess I should be honored by all this traffic about the Nordic
Shortwave Center.
But I feel somewhat saddened by the attitude that it has to be working
by the second, and updated by the hour.
Please bear in mind that most of us is into this for the fun of it,
for the pleasure of sharing, and that we do have other things to do.
Two things come in mind:
1. Work
2. Family
Well, three to think of it:
3. Life besides DXing

And to answer all those concerned:

1. The web site is working.

2. If it is not working, it is a temporary error. As this is a major,
commercial web site you may all rest assured that these errors is soon
fixed. As if such errors doesn't occur to other sites...

3. The web site is in process of changing to a new URL (as my company
has grown tired of SWL and its increased traffic). The new URL is gong
to be http://www.nordicdx.com

Okay, it is working, so why haven't I made the change public?

Because I haven't switched officially, as the last minor glitches
haven't been ironed out yet. There are several persons involved in
this, and things do take time.
By rushing ahead I can easily foresee all messages about that new site
not working as expected, by the second and updated by the hour.

But in view of worldwide concern, from now on the official URL for the
Nordic Shortwave Center is http://www.nordicdx.com

May the forces be with me; and ending with a philosophical thread:
Why are we doing this?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hermod Pedersen
Nordic Shortwave Center <http://www.nordicdx.com/>