Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center URL
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Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center URL

>The old URL   works well!

It does not.
It did until one of these days, but has been abandoned totally.
It would be a lot easier to manage all of this if people would heed
the official announcements. But as folks insist on using what they
want, you have to cut thoroughly in order to make them change.
And still many don't, but start crying "it doesn't work", in spite of
all announcement.
The correct URL is - and nothing else.
All others will be cut entirely this week.
Which doesn't mean that all search engines will follow swiftly.
Or all those sites linking to this site.
Or people taking the effort of changing their bookmarks.
Or whatever.
The correct URL to the Nordic Shortwave Center is - and nothing else.

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Hermod Pedersen
Nordic Shortwave Center <>