Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address
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Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address

At 9:19 +0900 3/31/98, Hermod Pedersen wrote:
>>1. The web site is working.
>>2. If it is not working, it is a temporary error. As this is a major,
>>commercial web site you may all rest assured that these errors is soon
>>fixed. As if such errors doesn't occur to other sites...

Commenting on this, Sonny Ashimori wrote:
>1. You don't call it working when anything's down for several hours. 
Admit it.
>2. Thank you for the enlightenment, that one owes no apology as long as 
>others are just as imperfect. I don't agree with that.
>Hobby or work, with public activities comes responsibility to live up 
>the promises you make, and if you can't, at least to offer an apology
>first, then explain.

Hi Sonny,

some comments:

1. I am checking the site regularly (about 
once a day), I haven't had any trouble reaching it in the last days. So 
the Shortwave Center is working, and it is working right at this moment. 
You do not want to tell me that You are sitting behind Your computer all 
day, checking if a web site isn't running, do You? (And, by the way: 
There is a known bug with Netscape Communicator (4.0) on Unix systems. 
The time out for checking an Internet address is far too short, so you 
sometimes have to repeat pressing the link).

2. Please do have in mind that we all at the Nordic Shortwave Center do 
our jobs on a voluntary basis and do it in our spare time, even Hermod 
who is working for Speaking for myself, I would 
apologize if there are errors in the editorial content, because that is 
something I have direct influence on, but certainly not if a technical 
error occurs, something that -- from a professional point of view -- 
occurs from time to time.

3. Last but not least: I am happy that there is a person who is running 
his web site like this, for DXers.


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