[HCDX]: RadioDXNet 1098
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[HCDX]: RadioDXNet 1098

RADIO DX NET from Italy 
RDXN 1098 monitoring services

   P.O. Box 128
   I-33100 Udine - Italy.
AIR, co-founder & 06 member
DWSCI, 823 member
DXer from 1970.
RX Conditions:
City area:
FC, from 33100 Udine at 110 mt. a.s.l.  G.C. 46.03N / 13.15E
RX Drake R7     Drake R4B + DGS1
ANT LW 20 mt. E-O
Rural area:
FCc, from 33030 Ceresetto di Martignacco (Udine), at 150 mt. a.s.l.
RX JRC NRD535D full opt.   Collins 390A/URR
ANT LW 50 mt. E-O
Mountain area:   
FCr, from 33010 Ravascletto-Zoncolan (Udine), at 950 mt. a.s.l.
RX Drake R7
ANT LW 30 mt. E-O   

    Via Tolmezzo, 5/1
    I-33100 Udine - Italy.
DXer from '40s
RX Conditions:
City area:
PLC, from 33100 Udine at 110 mt. a.s.l.  G.C. 46.03N / 13.15E
RX Sony ICF-SW55  
ANT LW 10 mt. N-S  
Rural area:
PLCb, from 33020 Buia (Udine), at 200 mt. a.s.l.
RX JRC NRD535D full opt. 
ANT LW 50 mt. N-S

LOGS until 980410!
Frequencies in kHz
Times UTC.
CUBA 5025 R. Rebelde 0410 political talk QRK 3 
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
VENEZUELA 5000 Observatório Cagical 0412 pips QRK 3
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
COSTA RICA 4832! R. Reloj 0415 ID"Esta es Radio Reloj de Costa Rica!"
				QRK 3	(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
HONDURAS 4819.4 La Voz Evangélica 0416 "La paz de Dios en tu hogar"
				QRK 3	(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
ECUADOR 4919 R. Quito 0417 adv. and many IDs QRK 3/4
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
BRAZIL 4885 R. Clube do Pará 0420 bras talk QRK 3
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
GEORGIA 12125! Voice of Hope 1745 english sermon QRK 4+
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
ZAMBIA 4965! Christian Voice 1820 portuguese sermon QRK 2/3
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
UZBEKISTAN 5060 R. Tashkent -2027 english ID and c/d QRK 4
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
TANZANIA 5050 R. Tanzania 2030 african music QRK 3
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 7)
COLOMBIA 4955 R. Nacional de Colombia talking about Bachillerato
				QRK 3+	(FC Clemente, Apr. 8)
VENEZUELA 4840 R. Valera -0356 c/d with Anthem "Gloria al Bravo Pueblo"
				QRK 3	(FC Clemente, Apr. 8)
PERU 4914.6 R. Cora del Perú 0408 music QRK 3-
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 8)
PERU 4991 R. Ancash 0414 typical huayno music QRK 2+
					(FC Clemente, Apr. 8)

Please diffuse, interchange and contribute with RadioDXNet (E-mail)
and RadioramaOnWeb (WWW)! 
73's and Good DXing from Italy to everybody
FC Francesco Clemente & PLC Pierluigi Calligaro


http://www.radiorama.it (RadioramaOnWeb DX Pages)
http://www.arpnet.it/~air/welcome.htm (standard AIR pages)
http://space.tin.it/economia/stgigli (Sirolo AIR DX Meeting 1-3 May 1998)
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