[HCDX]: DX-log RFO Tahiti
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[HCDX]: DX-log RFO Tahiti

Hello DXers,


15170, RFO Tahiti; Papeete, April 11, 0700-0715, French, international news,
// LW 162 (France Inter). 13432

Reception of RFO Tahiti here in Europe is possible sometimes after 7.00 UTC,
when WYFR is closing down its transmission to Africa on same frequency.
Until 6.30 UTC the frequency is occupied by Radio Pakistan. The program
seems to be a relay of France Inter, which is audible in Europe on 162 kHz
longwave. May be an interesting aspect for QSL-hunters in order to get good
program details! (Schnitzer)

Michael Schnitzer

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