[HCDX]: 4199 Harmonic Canaan Celestial
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[HCDX]: 4199 Harmonic Canaan Celestial


(R)Canaan Celestial (3x1400),  4199.2h. I have been trying to get some clue
for ID'ing this one's QTH. On Apr 8, hrd a woman ancr saying an addr, not
the one for the stn, as: "...esquina Cufre, altura de Avenida Carlos Casares
al 2100". As Henrik Klemetz  correctly points out in a letter to me, the
expression "al 2100" indicating the number of the house (a church in this
case) is clearly of Argentinian origin. He writes that the number is too
high for a street or avenue in La Paz, Bolivia. Tnx Henrik agn for the help!
(Nigro-Uruguay, Apr 14)

more: On Apr 15, Marcelo Cornachioni via GIB, Argentina says this is a new
Argentinian unofficial stn belonging to Cadena Celestial and they transmit
from Isidro Casanova, Province of Buenos Aires. Stn tel. nr is 54-1-4853796.
They started xmssns in the beginnings of April. Their unconfirmed QTH is an
evangelistic church. TNX Marcelo Cornachioni and GIB! (Marcelo
Cornachioni-Argentina via GIB-Argentina via Nigro-Uruguay, Apr 15). 

73 de Horacio
Horacio A. Nigro,

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11100 Montevideo,
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