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Re: [HCDX]: R. Tanzania Zanzibar

On Wed, 15 Apr 1998 20:35:54 +0200 "Guido Schotmans"
<gs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>As suggested in this message I have designed a QSL card for Radio 
>Tanzania Zanzibar (visible in the attached file). I have printed 100
pieces >of them. That was the easy part. Now the difficult one : how can
I send >them to Zanzibar in a safe way. It is a common knowledge among
DX'ers >when sending reception reports to third world countries to make
the >envelope not to attractive by putting nice stamps on it or enclosing
things >that you can feel. The chance that it is 'lost' is high. But when
I'll sent a 
>packet of 100 cards there is no doubt that it will attract attention. Is
>somebody here that can give me some advise on how to send the packet 
>in a more safer way to Zanzibar.

Use as small a package as possible.  Instead of placing stamps on it,
mail it from your local post office, and ask them to place a postage
meter on it.  You might try sending it via registered mail with a return
receipt so that the person it is sent to will sign this receipt
indicating that it was delivered to them.  I have had better success
using registered mail for my reception reports to African stations than
via regular airmail, so I am presuming that my use of the above technique
has inhibited the desire for someone to steal  my report looking for
something of value inside.

Some, if not most (or even all) of the Global delivery services such as
United Parcel Service, Federal Express, etc. offer service to many parts
of the World.  You might check if they would ship to RTZ, although it
will certainly be much higher cost than sending anything through the


J.D. Stephens

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