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[HCDX]: Re: [AmFmTvDx] Re: New Expanded AM Band Station

Werner Funkenhauser wrote:

> Here's information from KKJY's engineer.
> Gray Frierson Haertig wrote:
> > Werner Funkenhauser wrote:


> > > Hello Gray,
> > >
> > > Thank you very much for the head-up!!!
> > >
> > > Is there any regular time pattern for your tuneup tests?
> >
> > No.  We finished today.  Still have to align the stereo exciter and a
> > couple of other small items.  Imagine it will be on and off a fair
> > amount between now and Monday.
> >
> > See my recent post to rec.radio.broadcast and rec.radio.shortwave for
> > more details.
> >

For those folks who don't subscribe to rec.radio.shortwave, here's what he
posted. (My apologies for the cross-post.)

     Cris Alexander, DE of Crawford Broadcasting, Charlie Gallagher of
     Gallagher and Assoc, and I finished tuning up the new expansion band
     station in the Portland, Or, area, KKJY, 1640, Lake Oswego, Or.  It
     duplicates the programming of KKSL, 1290. It is a religious format.

     KKJY is diplexed into one tower of the three tower KKPZ, 1330, array
     which is also owned by Crawford.  The bigeest problem in tuning things
     up was restoring the 1330 pattern after the diplexing filters were

     The station will officially sign on on Monday, but is likely to be on
     the air a fair amount for testing until then.

     We are interested in receiving reports about the station's nighttime
     coverage.  We are particularly interested in finding out the level of
     interference to/from the Vallejo, Ca, station on the same frequency, and
     where this interference is located.  We are also interested to see if
     there are any areas of self interference.

     Please make your reports brief.  I'm sure Cris would appreciate an
     e-mail copy of your reports at CBCENG@xxxxxxxx



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Werner Funkenhauser

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