[HCDX]: TFW 58 3/3
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[HCDX]: TFW 58 3/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1998  Part  3
Year 3 -  Number  58  - Rome, 20 April  1998

TANZANIA - 5050 R. Tanzania 2030 african music QRK 3 (FC Clemente, Apr.

UZBEKISTAN - 5060 R. Tashkent 2027 english ID and c/d QRK 4 (FC
Clemente, Apr. 7)

VENEZUELA - 5000 Observatório Cagical 0412 pips QRK 3 (FC Clemente, Apr.

VENEZUELA - 4840 R. Valera  0356 c/d with Anthem "Gloria al Bravo
Pueblo" QRK 3   (FC Clemente, Apr. 8)

ZAMBIA - 4965! Christian Voice 1820 portuguese sermon QRK 2/3 (FC
Clemente, Apr. 7)


BRAZIL - Radio Educacao Rural ZYF904 Campo Grande (4755 kHz)-Note with
studio building on stationery in six weeks for Portuguese report, signed
by Ailton Guerra, Gerente. (Bueneman-MO, USA)

FINLAND - 9560 kHz, Radio Finland International, QSL-l (partial data),
schedule, v/s Raimo Makela, in 15 days for 1 IRC to R.Makela PL 113
28101 Pori Finland (M.Schoech, Germany)

GUAM - AWR on 9370, QSL info papers in 65 days for 1 IRC (A.Micheli,
Italy /Play DX 976 April 1)

HUNGARY - 3975 kHz, Radio Budapest, QSL-c (full data), schedule,
personal letter v/s not given, in 41 days for no rp, (M.Schoech,

INDONESIA - RRI Palu on 3960, personal letter, schedules, info abt tx,
V/s Gugun Santoso, 17 years old, son of Kepala Bidang,Teknik chief eng.:
Untung Santoso,  interested in Dxing, in 2 years and 10 days for 1 IRC
and Italian FM radios stickers. ( B.Gornati, Italy, hrd in Australia on
1996 /Play DX 976 April 1)   

ITALY - RAI International on 7235, QSL letter in 60 days. (R. Scaglione,
Italy /Play DX 976 April 1) 

LATVIA - Media Zoo / CMR relay on 5935, for letter, sticker in 63 days,
V/s Eric N. Wiltsher and Dave Rhodes, listener section, QTH: TESVG,
P.O.Box 576, Orpington, Kent, BR 6 - 9 WY, United Kingdom (V.Korinek,
South Africa /Play DX 976 April 1)

PERU - R.Melodia on 5995, V/s Hermogenes Delgado Torres, director.
(T.B.Vik, Norway /SWB 1373, Sweden  /Play DX 976 April 1) 

ROMANIA - 9690 kHz, Radio Romania International, QSL-c (full data),
rr-forms, v/s not readable, in 52 days for no rp, (M.Schoech, Germany)

RWANDA - 6055 kHz, Radio Rwanda (Radiodiffusion de la Re. Rwandaise
(RRR), QSL-c (no data), "Radio Rwanda  thanks you for the listening
report you sent to us, hoping that you will continue to listen to our
broadcasts." v/s not given, in 16(!) days for a tape report in French
with 2 IRCs to BP 83 in Kigali, Rwanda. (Box also given on QSL-card).
According to the date on the post-stamp, they must have been sending out
the card on the same day they received my report! (M.Schoech, Germany)

SALOMON ISL.- SIBS Honiara on 5019.8, V/s Silas Hule, in 21 days
(T.H.Ekblom, Denmark/SWB 1373, Sweden /Play DX 976 April 1)

SALOMON ISL.- SIBS Honiara on 5020, QSL letter, schedule in 66 days for
1 USD, V/s John Barbera, chief eng. (R.Pavanello, Italy/Play DX 976
April 1)

SALOMON ISL.- SIBS Honiara on 5020, in 30 days for 1 USD (G.Galassi,
Italy/Play DX 976 April 1)

SALOMON ISL.- SIBS Honiara on 5020, in 25 days for 1 USD and  C60 tape
cassette.(L.Botto Fiora, Italy/Play DX 976 April 1)

TANZANIA - R.Tanzania, Zanzibar on 11734, F7d on normal R.Tanzania QSL
card, V/s N. Nyamwochd, dir of broadcast.,  in 86 days for 1
IRC.(B.Gornati, Italy /Play DX 976 April 1) 

TURKEY - V.o.Turkey on 6175, QSL, info paper, schedules, in 78 days.
(A.Micheli, Italy /Play DX 976 April 1)

TURKEY - V.o.Turkey on 15385, QSL, schedules, sticker in 87 days
(R.Scaglione, Italy/Play DX 976 April 1)  

UZBEKISTAN - R.Yunost via tx Uzbekistan on 6260, QSL, stickers in 96
days. (V.Korinek, South Africa /Play DX 976 April 1)

VATICAN CITY - La Voix de la Charite, via Vatican Radio tx relay on
11715, personal letter, postcard, V/s Frere Elie Nakhoul L.M., general 
mgr. , in 54 days.   Station is operating in Lebanon on 87.5 Mhz and
105.8 Mhz, report sent to:  BP 850 Jounieh, Lebanon (V.Korinek, South
Africa /Play DX 976 April 1)

VENEZUELA - R.Amazonas on 4940, QSL card F/d in 145 days for 1 IRC, QSL
manager: Santiago Sangil Gonzales, DX-er (B.Gornati, Italy /Play DX 976
April 1)


BRAZIL - [non]. Insomnia led me to run across "NTN--Novo Tempo e
Noticias," a national morning show with live time-checks in UT-3,
somewhat undermodulated and hum, until 0959 April 8 on 7375. Not overtly
religious, but this had to be AWR Costa Rica, confirmed at 1000 when
switched to Spanish bible story //5030, 6150, 9725, which before 1000
had been noisy open-carriers-only. What is AWR up to now, and where does
this originate? (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SW/DX Report 98/18,April 9)

CANADA - New on CBC Radio One and RCI == C'EST LA VIE An irreverent and
revealing current affairs program on Francophone culture throughout
Canada. Among its regular features will be a look at words that are
uniquely Canadian French, providing a glimpse into their origin,
evolution and present-day usage. C'EST LA VIE is a CBC English Radio
Network production with contributions from the CBC French Networks. This
week on C'est la vie. Toronto--a French speaking city? Did you know that
Stats Can says there are at least 100,000 French speakers in the greater
Toronto area? That makes Toronto a bigger French language city than most
cities in Quebec. (CBC website via Hauser; this is on RCI Friday 2329 UT
on 5960, 9755, 13670/ GH SW/DX Report 98/18,April 9)

CHILE - Voz Cristiana was back with same test programming as before,
soft gospel rock and IDs in Spanish, around 1545 April 15 but gone after
1600 check, this time on 21550 instead of 21551 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH
SW/DX Report 98/19,April 16)

ECUADOR - Thanks for your message. As an additional service for you
listeners in the middle of the US, HCJB is now offering English
programming on 15295 Khz with an antenna aimed more or less right in
your direction (Enid, OK) at an azimuth of 339 degrees from Pifo,
Ecuador.  Although this won't be a big budget operation (around 35 KW or
a little better), I believe you should be able to hear something between
0000 to 0700 hrs UTC. The way our English to NA works is a little more
complicated than it used to be.  The way it used to be was that there
was no 19 meters at all - just 9745 Khz.  The 9745 Khz used to go on at
0000 UTC on a 100 KW transmitter using our steerable antenna aimed at
356 degrees azimuth (eastern NA from here).  Then,  at 0400 UTC, we
swtiched to a curtain antenna aimed at 325 degrees (western NA) and that
ran until 0700 UTC. At present, we've changed our 31 meter release to
run at 250 KW with the same steerable antenna and heading from 0000 to
0130 hrs UTC, and then to switch over to 100 KW on the same steerable
antenna and heading until 0400 hrs UTC - this gives us a little more
power for the beginning part of our eastern NA English release that
typically gets a lot of competition from the European broadcasters
during the early evening.  At 0400 hrs UTC, the English then switches to
the same curtain antenna  we have traditionally used for the western NA
(at 325 degrees) and that then continues to run until 0700 UTC as
before. In addition to all of this, we have  now added the 19 meter
release on 15295 Khz. Kind Regards (Dave Lewis, HCJB frequency manager,
April 3, via WORLD OF RADIO 936/ GH SW/DX Report 98/18,April 9)      

ETHIOPIA - [non]. Rainbow Radio presumed on new 9855 via Germany, UT Sat
April 4 at quick 0150 check, as I am beginning to recognize Amharic,
thanks to them, for weekly broadcast starting at 0100, ex-5905, much
better now away from fax (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SW/DX Report 98/18,April

HARMONIC - (presumed BOLIVIA, maybe ARGENTINA) (R)Canaan Celestial
(3x1400),  4199.2h. I have been trying to get some clue for ID'ing this
one's QTH. On Apr 8, hrd a woman ancr saying an addr, not the one for
the stn, as: "...esquina Cufre, altura de Avenida Carlos Casares al
2100". As Henrik Klemetz  correctly points out in a letter to me, the
expression "al 2100" indicating the number of the house (a church in
this case) is clearly of Argentinian origin. He writes that the number
is too high for a street or avenue in La Paz, Bolivia. Tnx Henrik again
for the help! (Nigro-Uruguay, Apr 14)   --- more: On Apr 15, Marcelo
Cornachioni via GIB, Argentina says this is a new Argentinian unofficial
stn belonging to Cadena Celestial and they transmit from Isidro
Casanova, Province of Buenos Aires. Stn tel. nr is 54-1-4853796. They
started xmssns in the beginnings of April. Their unconfirmed QTH is an
evangelistic church. TNX Marcelo Cornachioni and GIB! (Marcelo
Cornachioni-Argentina via GIB-Argentina via Nigro-Uruguay, Apr 15). 

IRELAND - Emerald Radio will again b/c via WWCR as follows: Mon-Thu, Apr
27-30, 1200 [not sure of duration of the prgm] on 5070, "live," taped
repeat at Tue-Fri, Apr 28-May 1, 1000 on 5070. Also "not live" b/c on
Saturday, May 2 at 1100-1300 on 5070, repeated on Sunday, May-03 at
0800-1000 on 3210. ("Ask WWCR")  I am unable to connect to their
website, which I believe is still <http://www.emeraldradio.com> (Jerry
Berg, in NU / EDXP # 85)

IRELAND - [non]. "Ask WWCR" says that Emerald Radio, Senior College, 
Ballyfermot, Dublin, Ireland, are doing some programmes LIVE and TAPED
on WWCR later on in April and early May. The Emerald website <
http://www.emeraldradio.com >has been inaccessible. "Ask WWCR" has
announced live shows from Emerald for 27 - 30 April inclusive, with
repeat-tapings going out 28 Apr - 01 May inclusive, 1200 UT and 1000 UT
respectively, all on 5070 kHz. There is a taped two-hour show planned
for Sat 02 May, 1100 UT, 5070 kHz with a repeat of same on the following
day at 0800 UT, 3210 kHz. Slan agus beannacht (Finbarr O'Driscoll,
Ireland, RIB and WORLD OF RADIO 937/ GH SW/DX Report 98/19,April 16)

ITALY - Hi all, For Your Information. The 20 minute Two Bobs' program
will also be on IRRS-Shortwave this coming week-end as Radio 510 stream
2. Check the latest schedules at <
http://www.nexus.org/NEXUS-IBA/Schedules > (US server) or <
http://home.nexus.org/NEXUS-IBA >(Schedules (European server). 73,
Alfredo Cotroneo

LEBANON - Voice of Hope, Marj Uyun; is scheduled on 11530 (ex 9960) as
from April-15:  Enlish is broadcast at 2100-1300 and 1300-2200 (also in
various other languages). Addr:  PO Box 3379, Limassol, Cyprus; PO Box
77, Metulla, Israel (faster); < http://www.highadventure.org > E-mail:
radio98@xxxxxxxxxxx (Jan Nieuwenhuis, Apr-06 /EDXP # 85)

NEW ZEALAND - Still no further information on the fate of RNZI, but the
current funding is going to run out in June (Adrian Sainsbury, RNZI
Mailbox April 13 at 1130) BTW, current 9795 has some CCI in Vietnamese?
underneath it, uncovered after RNZI 1209*. But from first Sunday in May,
RNZI goes to 6100 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SW/DX Report 98/19,April 16) ---
Thank you for your letter of 26 February to the Prime Minister
concerning the future of RNZI and your comments in support of that
service. As this matter falls within my portfolio, I am replying on
behalf of the Prime Minister. As you are aware, RNZI has been under
review. Some of the questions which are being addressed concern whether
shortwave is still a viable broadcasting option given the growing
importance in the region of other media such as television, and the fact
that the majority of listeners in the South Pacific - the target
audience for the service - hear RNZI through relayed services over local
stations. The review has also looked at some of the technical
requirements necessary to maintain an international service, particulary
in respect of strong competition from Radio Australia and the BBC, and
the clarity of signal these competitors are able to provide. I expect
that a decision on the future of RNZI will be made in the next short
while, Yours sincerely, (Rt. Hon. Don McKinnon, Minister of Foreign
Affairs and Trade, Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand; tel
+64 4 471 9971, fax +64 4 471 1444 27 March 1998 reply to Bill Smith,
Sachse TX, WORLD OF RADIO 937 / GH SW/DX Report 98/19,April 16)

SERBIA - Radio Yugoslavia made their time change this past weekend. They
were on Apr 6 0000-0030 7115 (announced as Monday-Saturday only).  They
also announced 6195 in parallel but I did not hear them there. In
addition, they announced they were on 0430-0500 on 7130 & 6100, but I
haven't verified them there. (As I recall, their summer 0430 broadcast
has not been heard well). I also heard them Apr 5 2100-2130 on 6100 with
poor to fair reception. (Ivan Grishin, Ont, Apr 6, WORLD OF RADIO 936)
Probably will go up to 11 MHz in May (Hauser/ GH SW/DX Report
98/18,April 9)
SINGAPORE - Radio Singapore International using new 6150 for En
1100-1400, ex 6155. Also on existing // 6015.(Apr-09, Matt Francis).
Official sked: En 1100-1400 6015 6150, Ch 1100-1400 6120 6000, Ml
1100-1400 6070 7245. (RSI/Bob Padula, Apr-15 / EDXP # 85)

SWITZERLAND - Having been in the field for more than twenty years now,
it's sad when such events happen, and especially when everything seems
to pass away nearly unnoticed by the "other" media.  As you know, Bern
switched off for ever the glorious Swiss HF station at Schwarzenburg on
March 28. We at NEXUS-IBA had a special "relation" with the station,
since our shortwave service started when we acquired the two Siemens
transmitter previously used by Berna Radio's aeronautical service,
located at Schwarzenburg, and we modified them for our own use. I
visited the station on a few occasions, and still have nice memories of
it, and especially of the people who worked there. It is a kind of
unique and somehow mystic location sorrounded by beautiful mountains in
the heart of Switzerland. As I understand, after dismantling the
antennas and what remains of the transmitters, the technicians will be
given early retirement packages or the chance to be retrained for
another job at Swisscom. In co-operation with SRI we have a special
report on the history and closure of Schwarzenburg on our RealAudio
site, hosted by the Two Bobs, Bob Thoman and Bob Zanotti, reporting from
the station on the last few hours of operation. Bob Thoman formerly
worked for the station itself, back in 1954, while Bob Zanotti is still
working as a journalist for SRI's English service. In the program you
will hear the main reasons behind the closure of the station: the
attacks from the local environmentalists, and the usual "restructuring"
policy that usually come after privatisation that we all know very well.
The farewell to Schwarzenburg is available at<
http://home.nexus.org/IRN/ >(European server) and <
http://www.nexus.org/IRN/ >(USA server) and will also be aired via
IRRS-Shortwave to Europe on 3,985, 7,120 and 3,955 kHz during the
week-end of April 10-12 (as Radio 510 stream 2), and also via R. Miami
International from Miami, Florida, to N and S America (jeff@xxxxxxxxx
for more info on WRMI schedule). (73, Alfredo E. Cotroneo, President, 
NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association, Milano, Italy)

TAIWAN - This announcement was heard at 2214 on April-12 from Radio
Taipei International, 15600: "Starting from April 16th, the Voice of
Asia, which was briefly merged with Radio Taipei International, will
resume its callsign again. What's more, it will have a new format, new
frequency, and new voices, too. Besides transmitting to Southeast Asia
on 7445 and 585 kHz, the Voice of Asia will launch a new frequency on
900 kHz for mainland China. So be sure to tune in to the Voice of Asia,
starting from April 16th, and meet some of the most interesting radio
personalities on the air." (Jay Novello, Apr-12/EDXP # 85)

TANZANIA  - RE: R.Tanzania QSL card...(please, see TFW 57) "Furthermore
I would like to request yourself to do some printing of the said
QSL-CARD WHICH ARE OF GREAT>DEMAND HERE. We will be using the cards to
answer back our listeners all over the world." [I'd wish, all stations
would do this !]. Address : The Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar, Department
of Broadcasting, P.O.Box 1178, Zazibar Tel: 31985/33718/32324 Fax: 31985
(M.Schoech, Germany) ----- As suggested in this message I have designed
a QSL card for Radio Tanzania Zanzibar. I have printed 100 pieces of
them. That was the easy part. Now the difficult one : how can I send
them to Zanzibar in a safe way. It is a common knowledge among DX'ers
when sending reception reports to third world countries to make the
envelope not to attractive by putting nice stamps on it or enclosing
things that you can feel. The chance that it is 'lost' is high. But when
I'll sent a packet of 100 cards there is no doubt that it will attract
attention. Is there somebody here that can give me some advise on how to
send the packet in a more safer way to Zanzibar ? BTW : Radio Tanzania
Zanzibar can be heard on 11734.1 kHz between 16.30 and 17.05 UTC. Only
then the frequency is clear. (Guido Schotmans, Belgium)

USA - Hi, Glenn. We did it here at WGTG-- we are going hi tech! Soon to
have web page. Would you please advertise our e-mail address? Our
address is : < wgtg@xxxxxxxxxxx > Our new transmitter is humming along
in final assembly and test. Rewiring studio at this time to accomodate
two program lines. The second transmitter may be under different call
letters e.g. WFBN, WXYZ, etc., whatever the group who might lease would
like. We are planning transmitters 3 and 4 in the near future also,
additional antennas perhaps a curtain. Well.....enough of your time! 
Still trying to find additional slot on 9400 for WOR. Regards to you!
(David Frantz, WGTG, April 2 via Hauser and WORLD OF RADIO 936/ GH SW/DX
Report 98/18,April 9)  

USA - Progress report on WWBS, Macon GA, not yet on 11910: Charles Josey
told me April 6 that he hoped to have electricity installed April 8;
that has been the holdup. If so, testing could start a "few weeks
later". Once on, they may have some interference problems, such as
something in Spanish noted at 0220 April 8 (George Thurman, TX, WORLD OF
RADIO 936/ GH SW/DX Report 98/18,April 9)

USA - VOA Communications World, Sat at 1230-1300, finally switched from
USB to LSB on 7768.5, as we have been requesting, noted April 4, getting
away from the AM Chinese station on 7770. However, this date it wasn't
needed as 9760-AM was loud and clear from Philippines (Glenn Hauser,
WORLD OF RADIO 936/ GH SW/DX Report 98/18,April 9)

USA - With so many stations NSP, one seldom hears the national anthem on
the radio anymore--no signing on or off; and it's out of fashion even at
many stations which are not NSP. Surprisingly original renditions of SSB
or O Canada sometimes introduce silly ball games, but catching them is
such a sacrifice for the enlightened unaddicted. So note this: happened
to hear KMOX, 1120 St. Louis playing a richly harmonious a cappella SSB
at 5:23 am Central April 3, perhaps a daily ritual? And at 5:54, it was
The Lord's Prayer with Johnny Mathis. (Glenn Hauser, OK, R.I.B. / GH
SW/DX Report 98/18,April 9)

USA - The Internic domain registry for WGTG, McCaysville, Georgia,
cleared on April 14. The radio station is now on the Web at
<http://www.wgtg.com>. A transmission schedule is now available; a
program guide will appear shortly. (Sundstrom, USA )


DXing with Cumbre Schedule as of 11 April 1998: WHRI Angel 1 (To: 
Americas/Caribbean):  0500 - 0530 Saturday   7315 kHz --- 1730 - 1800
Saturday   15105 kHz --- 2230 - 2300 Saturday   9495 kHz --- 1230 - 1300
Sunday     9495 kHz --- 1330 - 1400 Sunday     15105 kHz --- 1430 - 1500
Sunday     15105 kHz WHRI Angel 2 (To: Europe/Middle
East/Africa/Russia/N Am): 0500 - 0530 Saturday   5745 kHz --- 1430 -
1500 Saturday   6040  kHz --- 2200 - 2230 Saturday   13760 kHz --- 0430
- 0500 Sunday     5745 kHz --- 0830 - 0900 Sunday     5745 kHz --- 1730
- 1800 Sunday     13760 kHz.  KWHR Angel 3 (To: Asia/Pacific): 0230 -
0300 Saturday   17510 kHz --- 1630 - 1700 Sunday     9930  kHz --- 1830
- 1900 Sunday     13625 kHz --- KWHR Angel 4 (To: South Pacific): 0700 -
0730  Saturday  17555 kHz --- 2000 - 2030  Saturday  17555 kHz --- 0330
- 0400  Sunday    17555 kHz --- 0730 - 0800  Sunday    17555 kHz ---
1300 - 1330  Sunday    11565  kHz --- 2130 - 2200  Sunday    17555 kHz.
WHRA Angel 5 (To: Africa/Middle East): 2130 - 2200    Saturday  15460
--- 2130 - 2200    Sunday    15460. Thanks for tuning in to DXing with
Cumbre! 73--Marie Lamb

<  Marconi ha dato agli uomini un nuovo
modo di conoscersi, di aiutarsi, di 
amarsi, quale nessun  poeta o scienziato
aveva mai immaginato.  >
                                                  Nuova Antologia 

< La conoscenza e' la prima forma di liberta'. >
                                                       Giovanni Serra 

< Un uomo che abbia qualcosa da dire
e non trovi chi l' ascolta, 
se la passa male.
Ma ancora peggio
se la passano gli ascoltatori
che non trovano nessuno
che abbia qualcosa da dire >
                                              Bertold Brecht, 1927
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