[HCDX]: Test brodcast from Sweden.
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[HCDX]: Test brodcast from Sweden.

Dear Fellows,
	Starting today and lasting until the 5th of May, Teracom and Radio
Sweden are currently doing some test with the broadcast to North America at
11.30-12.00 UTC. The frequencies are 17870 kHz and 15240 kHz.
	We would highly wellcome reception reports , especially from North
America, on these broadcasts. Correct reports will be verified by a special
QSL-card and T-shirst and other "promotion material" will be sent to some
for the reporteurs.
It is of high interest for us to know the signal strengt, especially a
comparisement of the two frequencies.

Reports should be sent by e-mail to mni@xxxxxxxxxx or by fax to +46 8 671

73:de Magnus Nilsson
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