[HCDX]: Hue Beavers <hrbeavers@yahoo.com>: Re: 1700 kHz Denison/Sherman Test
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[HCDX]: Hue Beavers <hrbeavers@yahoo.com>: Re: 1700 kHz Denison/Sherman Test

Today, I was contacted via E-mail by Mr. Hue Beavers - Chief Engineer for
KDSX-1700 - offering to run a DX test from a new expanded band station. 
Here are the details:

Saturday, May 2, 1998:  KDSX-1700,  Denison/Sherman, Texas will
test on Saturday May 2nd, between 1800 and 2359 hours CDT (2300 - 0459
using voice modulation with code ID's where possible. Station will be
into .48 wavelength vertical w/ approx 1 kW power. Tapes are welcome.
Any correspondance should be addressed to: Mr. Hue Beavers - Chief
c/o, KLIF, 3500 Maple Ave. #1600, Dallas, TX 75219. Reception reports
be verified by letter. NOTE: Return postage appreciated. E-mail: 

Also, attached is an excerpt from Mr.Beavers' message explaining why the
test could not 
be delayed until later in the month to allow time for publication in the
printed DX bulletins.
You will also notice that he is offering to test the 950 facility, as
well.  I will pass along
details as they become available.


J.D. Stephens
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<<Regret that I cannot delay test until later in May. Rebuild of KDSX,
950 is set to commence May 5th. Hopefully propagation will be good on
May 2nd. Will be interested to see if station is audible w/ WCMQ on
channel.  Will also be doing 950 on non-directional a bit later, I think.
If you
can get me code ID by next Thursday, I will use it. Otherwise I'll try
to get one locally. (Has to be dubbed to compact disc for use w/player
for use @ TX site.)  Call sign KDSX is actually assigned to the 950, no
call is formally assigned to 1700; am using KDSX for now.  


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