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St. Kitts and Nevis, ZIZ (555 kHz) verified by det. card after 6 weeks. V/s
Bertill Browne, Chief Engineer. (Passmann)

Clandestine - V. of the People of Kurdistan (4080) verified an email report
by email after 1 day. Address: pukcnda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The text:
Yes you have the right station. We will be more than glad to pass your
interesting report to our technician back in Kurdistan hopefully they
contact you in future regarding the all aspects of radio longdistance
broadcasting and the possible developments.
(Not signed)
Tnx to Nick Grace C., whose excellent Clandestine page
<http://www.qsl.net/yb0rmi/cland.htm> served me with the above email
address. (Passmann)

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