[HCDX]: 1640kHz station unmasked! (fwd)
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[HCDX]: 1640kHz station unmasked! (fwd)

Subject: 1640kHz station unmasked!

Hi folks,

 Several people (Mark Mohrmann, VT and Jerry Berg, MA and others) have
heard a Haitian Creole station on 1640 kHz in the Northeast US. Jerry
alerted me to it and I heard it weakly (S5) in Medford, 10 miles North of
Boston.  Jerry told me that he heard a Dorchester (part of Boston) 
advertisement on it. I was born and raised there, with my parents still
living there, so I called my parents. They said the 1640 kHz signal was
"booming in". 

Today I called several of the Haitian Multicultural Service Centers in
Dorchester. I talked to Henry Josephs at the Haitian Women's Center. He is
a member of the radio station. Here's what he said.

The station's call letters are WFNM, slogan "Radio Liberte'". It started
about 2 months ago but just recently increased its power when it got the
authorization to do so from the FCC (he didn't know the power).  The phone
number for the station is (617) 298-1640. It is located in Dorchester
(don't have an address yet, I'm working on it). 

He said that the radio group has been renting air time on radio stations
for 10 years, but the group is unhappy because it costs a lot of money and
were often pre-empted by things like baseball games. Now it has its own
low power station which is cheap, is not pre-empted by ball games, and is
actively looking for advertisers in the Boston area.

That's it. I'm waiting for the engineering group to call me back. I'll ask
them about how much power they run and where to write for a QSL. 

paul mcdonough
medford, MA

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