[HCDX]: 1670 kHz in Georgia, USA
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[HCDX]: 1670 kHz in Georgia, USA

Hi folks,

 Caught this new(?) X-bander tonight (UTC May 2nd).

USA 1670 WNML 0355 "The Sports Animal" radio station from Macon, Georgia. 
Had phone callers talking about sports. Heard commercial for the Army
National Guard (phone number "1-800-GO-GUARD") that was sponsored by the
Georgia Association of Broadcasters. Then heard ID: "Two is better than
one, 1670 AM and 96.5 FM, the Sports Animal". Mentioned website at
www.sports-animal.com. Checked website and found WNML 1670 and 96.5 on
7080 Industrial Highway, Macon, Georgia, 31211. (McDonough, MA - May 2)

paul mcdonough
medford, MA

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