[HCDX]: Re: [AmFmTvDx] 1670 Warner Robins GA
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[HCDX]: Re: [AmFmTvDx] 1670 Warner Robins GA

Tim Noonan wrote:

> With the testing from Madison on 1670 off for the time being, I am
> hearing Warner Robins GA with a sports format and the slogan "The Sports
> Animal."  They are simulcasting 96.5 in Gray GA, and the calls sound
> like WNML.  They are still in as I write this at 10:58 pm. CDT.  Glad to
> hear this one before my local signs on full time!
> Tim Noonan   Madison WI
> DXing@xxxxxxxxx
> http://www.angelfire.com/wi/dxing/index.html

Blasting in here in southwestern Ontario!

The call is definitely WNML, IDs as "You're listening to WNML, Warner
Robbins, AM 1670 and FM 96.5! The Sports Animal!"

Earlier this evening, I received a message from ODXA's Dan Greenal. He heard
a web address as: http://www.sports-animal.com/ also. (It's legitimate.)
Werner Funkenhauser

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