[HCDX]: 1670 Warner Robins GA - Me too.
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[HCDX]: 1670 Warner Robins GA - Me too.

Add me to the "Me Too" list.

1670 GA WNML, Warner Robins. 0048-0058 with a Howard Stern wannabe 
announcer doing a sports network program from the National Sports 
Fan Network.  Liberal use of adult language.  Subjects including 
illegitimate children fathered by professional athletes. The station 
calls itself "The Sports Animal."  ID at 0058 as "You are listening 
to WNML Warner Robins, WNML-FM Gray 96.5, the Sports Animal." 
followed by a cat growl." Frequent ID's other times as "1670-AM 
96.5-FM, the Sports Animal" or something similar. Signal strength 
fair to good, better than WHPG-1620 not as good as WCMQ-1700.  
Another TIS DX channel bites the dust. Bill Harms-MD

Their web site is http://www.sports-animal.com/ and their mailing 
address is
     WNML - The Sports Animal - 96.5 FM & 1670 AM           
     7080 Industrial Highway, 
     Macon, Georgia 31211

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