Re: [HCDX]: radio pirate Italy
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Re: [HCDX]: radio pirate Italy

At 10:08 AM +0200 5/4/98, Hermod Pedersen wrote:
>>What is the suffix: .xls?? What kind of file is it?
>Excel spreadsheet.
>> Is it worth my while to
>>try and figure out how to translate it for a Macintosh???
>Ought to work if you have Excel installed.
>Might work if you have other database program able to import Excel files.

You can open .xls files on any version of Excel for Mac from 5.0 up ...
maybe even before that.

AND you'll have a lot better shot at 'translating' files from one format to
another on a Mac than ANY other platform -- we've HAD to learn to live with
the 'dark side', not the other way around.



Bill Whitacre
Spectrum Management Division
Washington, DC


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