[HCDX]: DX-Camp Germany, May 1998
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[HCDX]: DX-Camp Germany, May 1998

Hello everywhere,

from april 30th to may 3rd we had a very successful DX-camp in northern
Bavaria, Germany. As usual there were many antennas like long wires,
inverted V's and Beverage-antennas in different directions. However the most
attractive one was a 4x200m rhombus construction towards 260°, calculated
for the 60m tropical band. The 800m antenna wire was supported by 24 wooden
laths in three meters height above the ground. The antenna system was
terminated by a 800 Ohm restistor and led in via a 1:10 balun. Compared to a
40m long wire the rhombus produced a signal gain of about 20dB and a more
quiet signal. The whole antenna system worked very well on 60 and 90 meters
and in the international shortwave bands too.

Altogether we had good to very good conditions towards Latin America on
shortwave, especially to Bolivia the first night and to Perú the second
night. In the last night, unfortunately, there was some atmospheric noice
due to local thunderstorms. All following loggings were made on the rhombus

Time: April 30 - Mai 3rd 1998
Location: a lovely place about 40 km north east of Nuremberg, Germany
Receivers: the usual DX-machines
Antennas: as written above
Participants: Thomas Adam, Thomas Berner, Erwin Duldner, Walter
Fuerstenhoefer, Dr. Roland Hoeller, Virgil Sagovici, Rudi Schneeberger,
Wolfgang Seyfried and yours truly Michael Schnitzer


3391.1, Emisoras Camargo (presumed); Camargo, May 1st, 0120-0131, Spanish,
LA-music, talk man, Bolivia mentioned, sudden sign off 0131. 22322

4471.9, Radio Movima; Santa Ana de Yacuma, May 1st, 0032-0047, Spanish,
romantic love songs, a song with the refrain "lio lio liolá" at around 0043,
ID, anns 0039: "Estamos transmitiendo el programa ... musical". 34433

4552.3, Radio Trópico; Trinidad, May 1st, 0047-0058, Spanish, avisos, a
female speaker mentioned "parque nacional" and "servicio público",
international sports news, report from the "Formula Uno" in Italy, jingle
and ID 0057. 23322

4600.1 Radio Perla del Acre; Cobija, May 2nd, 0105-0135, Spanish, non stop
LA-music, clear ID by woman at 0130 followed by mensajes, relatively good
signal (S=5), I never heard before this station in that quality. 2-3 4 3 2

4649, Radio Santa Ana; Santa Ana de Yacuma, May 1st, 0020-0032, Spanish,
"musica tradicional de la región", report about health in the family ("la
salud en la familia") at around 0028. 33423

4682.3, Radio Paitití (presumed); Guayaramerín, May 2nd, 0000-0015, Spanish,
avisos, tentative ID, G'merín metioned, LA-songs. 23222

4702.2, Radio Eco; San Borja, May 1st, 0010-0020, Spanish, talk male voices,
mensajes with short pieces of music between them, San Borja mentioned. 22322

4855, Radio Centenario La Nueva; Santa Cruz, May 1st, 0100-0104, Spanish,
closing down, ID at 0103: "En ... onda media y 4855 kHz onda corta, Radio
Centenario La Nueva ... hasta mañana", c/d 0104. 34433

4875.2, Radio La Cruz del Sur; La Paz, April 30, 2340-0001, Spanish and
Aymará (or Quechua?), nice andean music, ID and QRGs in Spanish at 2347,
program in Vn, c/d 0001; 34433

4965, Radio Juan 23; San Ignacio de Velasco, May 1st, 2335-2350, Spanish,
soft LA-pop music, ID and time announcement by man at 2345, over Radio
Alvorada. 33323

4795, Rádio Difusora; Aquidauana, May 1st, 2350-2400, Portuguese, romantic
songs, ID. 34333

11815, Rádio Brasil Central; Goiânia, May 1st, 2050-2105, Portuguese,
Brasilian love songs, ID, nx 2100. 44434

15135, Rádio Record; São Paulo, May 1st, 2020-2035, Portuguese, romantic
songs, ID 2029: "Rádio Record, alegria e otimismo". 34444

17815, Rádio Cultura; São Paulo, May 1st, 2035-2045, Portuguese, soft pop
music. 22422

6160, CKZN; St. Johns, May 1st, 2300-2320, English, political information,
relay CBN-news, ID: "CBC-Radio". 24433

5025, Radio Rebelde; La Habana, May 1st, 2330-2335, Spanish, political
information, ID. 45434

5012.5, Radio Cristal Internacional; Santo Domingo, May 2nd, 0035-0100,
Spanish, modern jazz music, ID and time announcement 0100. 44333

3280, La Voz del Napo; Tena, May 2nd, 0135-0150, Spanish, slow Ecuatorian
music, avisos, ID by man at 0143. 23322

5010.3, ERPE; Riobamba, May 1st, 0235-0300, Spanish, folklore music from
Ecuador, ID and QRGs at 0257: "Desde Riobamba transmite ... Radiofónicas
...", c/d 0300. 33323

4930.6, Radio Internacional; San Pedro Sula, May 2nd, 0345-0356, Spanish,
romantic songs, advertisement and time announcements, ID: "Esta es Radio
Internacional, San Pedro Sula ..." 34323

4800.7, Radio Transcontinental de América (XERTA); México Ciudad, May 1st,
0305-0330, Spanish, romantic songs, ID 0322, then jazz music. 34323

5770, Radio Miskut; Puerto Cabezas, May 2nd, 0045-0110, Spanish, hits,
reports, ID. 25343

11939.3, Radio Encarnación; April 30, 2125-2135, Spanish, folklore music and
female voice, heavy QRM from Quran singing on 11935. 12421

3234.8, Radio Luz y Sonido; Huánuco, May 2nd, 0235-0245, Spanish, huayño
music, ID by man 0241: "Radio Luz y Sonido, la primera Radio". 23322

3330.5, Ondas del Huallaga; Huánuco, May 2nd, 0150-0210, Spanish, love
songs, ID by man at 0154: "Radio Ondas del Huállaga" with accent on the
first a!, advertisement, salsa music. 34333

3339.9, Radio Altura; Cerro de Pasco, May 2nd, 0210-0235, Spanish, huayño
music, avisos, tips for local events, Cerro de Pasco mentioned, ID, at 0232
the speaker mentioned the "fiesta musical del Perú". 33323

4774.9, Radio Tarma; May 2nd, 0310-0320, Spanish, romantic songs, ID 0315:
"Radiodifusión de Tarma ..." 24323

4855.5, Radio La Hora; Cusco, May 3rd, 0025-0035, Spanish, jingles,
advertisement, many IDs. 33222

4970, Radio Imagen; Tarapoto, May 2nd, 0325-0330, Spanish, jingles, talk
man, ID and c/d 0330. 24242

5018.7, Radio Horizonte; Chachapoyas, May 3rd, 0050-0105, Spanish, salsa
music, ID 0059: "Desde Chachapoyas ... transmite Radio Horizonte ... onda
corta ...", followed by religious program ("La Palabra de Dios"). 33323

5025, Radio Quillabamba; May 2nd, 2340-2400, Spanish, rosario, often
mentioned: "Santa María, Madre de Dios ...", the station was clearly audible
until 2354, then Radio Rebelde was dominating, ID and QRG at 2357. 32222

5039.2, Radio Libertad de Junín; May 2nd, 0020-0030, Spanish, LA-folklore,
ID and QRG at 0027. 23222

5305, Radio La Inmaculada; Santa Cruz, May 2nd, 0245-0304, Spanish, love
songs, ID by man at 0258: "Amigos oyentes, Radio La Inmaculada está en el
aire mañana ...", QRG, jingle, c/d 0304. 22322

5637.2, Radio Perú; San Ignacio, May 3rd, 0045-0050, Spanish, jingle with
ID, romantic song. 23222

6535.8, Radio Difusora Huancabamba (presumed), May 3rd, 0035-0042, Spanish,
man talking, LA music, sudden sign off 0042. 24222

11735.1, Radio Oriental; Monte Video, April 30, 2100-2125, Spanish, phone
interview with a Peruvian soccer player called Mario, sports information
about the South American soccer championship. 24433

4939.5, Radio Amazonas; Puerto Ayacucho, May 1st, 0105-0110, Spanish, ID,
jingle. 33433

Uff, that's all!!!

vy 73

Michael Schnitzer
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