Re: [HCDX]: Help please (PDF-Files)
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Re: [HCDX]: Help please (PDF-Files)

05.05.1998 14:38 Uhr christoph@ratzer antwortet: 

>I have attempted to download this Acrobat PDF file a number of times but I 
>find I can't read past the first few pages without getting errors.

Also the same problem here in Salzburg, download (last week) is OK but I 
cannot open the file. Using here the latest Acrobat Reader 3.01, same 
problem also with the complete Acrobat 3.0 Software, all with excellent 
Power Macintosh Computers in my company (9600/300 MacOS 8.1) And the same 
problem with a Windows NT PC... I produce since last year PDF Files, most 
for publishing, and NEVER see this problems!


73 de Christoph Ratzer, OE2CRM

christoph@xxxxxxxxx ----------------------

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