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The fifth edition of the AUSTRALASIAN SHORTWAVE GUIDE  is now available. 

It is hard-copy, 28 pages, A4 format, commercially printed and features:

** Comprehensive schedules for the Z98 transmission period for broadcasts
in English beamed to Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, the Far East, Asia,
and the Indian sub-continent, and in languages other than English for
Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania. Nearly 600 entries are given, in
alphabetical order of country, with target areas, broadcast days, and relay
sites. New frequencies introduced on 2 May are also included!

** Time Index: an innovative, convenient listing hour-by-hour, referenced
to the main alphabetical data;

** DXing Papua New Guinea: an in-depth study of broadcasting in the region,
covering mediumwave, shortwave, and VHF-FM, with substantial background
information on the languages, history, culture, and geography of the area.
Current schedules are given. Learn about Radio Free Bougainville, and the
Yumi and Nau private VHF-FM networks!

** Digital Broadcasting - a Technological Revolution! A study of this
rapidly emerging technology, to impact on all forms of radio and TV
broadcasting. Read about Skywave 2000, the Voice of America/Jet Propulsion
Laboratory System, and the Deutsche Telekom Zentrum fur Rundfunk and
Audiovision system! Learn about digital broadcasting developments
worldwide, including the Japanese proposals, and the Australian
Government's conversion and simulcasting plans!

** Radio France Asie - the Voice of France in the Far East. Read about the
former French Government SW broadcasting service which operated from Saigon
until 1956. Learn about the development of SW broadcasting in Vietnam in
the decades since, and the present-day Radio France International relays
from China, Russia, and Japan on mediumwave and shortwave.

** Shortwave Propagation Almanac. Read about the development of Solar Cycle
23 and how it may affect long-distance SW propagation! 

** International Broadcasting News. Learn about the work of the High
Frequency Coordination Committees, (HFCC Europe and the Asia-Pacific
Broadcasting Union Committee), in management of SW frequency assignments.
Read about All India Radio's external services, the increased usage of the
75 metre band, and the Voice of America's "News Now" program format!

The new ASWG is available for A$10, postpaid in Australia. Outside of
Australia (economy airmail) A$12 (or US$7, or ten International Reply

Payment by cash (Australian or US dollars only), cheques drawn on
Australian banks in Australian dollars (personal, bank, Credit Union,
Building Society, GIRO, International), money order, postal order. Cheques
in non-Australian currency cannot be accepted. Payments to be made for the
credit of "Bob Padula" and should be sent to:

404 Mont Albert Road,
Surrey Hills,
Victoria 3127,
Tel/FAX: +61 3 8908 2906
E-mail: bpadula@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Web: <http://members.tripod.com/~bpadula/padulabooks.html>

Eary ordering is essential as there will not be a second printing of this
new Guide! The next edition of the ASWG is planned for December 1998,
covering the W98 transmission season.

Copies will be sent for bon-fide review purposes on request. Sponsors
receive complimentary copies.

Thank you!

Bob Padula
Author and Publisher
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