Re: [HCDX]: Brother Stair on 3945
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Re: [HCDX]: Brother Stair on 3945

>Does anyone know from where Brother Stair broadcasts on 3945? or who's
>transmitter facilities  he does hire?
>I received him last Thursday here in Finland with a SINPO code very close to
>55555. No intereference and no noice. Xlent reception, which makes me think of
>some Euro relay, does anyone know for sure?

Hi Patrik,

it is a new relay via DTK Juelich. Here is the original info, taken from
Cumbre 188:

GERMANY 3945 (new frequency) The Overcomer Ministries via
Juelich 2255 in English with repeated ID's and the usual stuff from
"Brother Stair". I was already wondering on which frequency the
Juelich guys will use their 75 metres antenna, when 3995 is
occupied by DW from the Wertachtal site. Now we have both
Juelich and Wertachtal at the same time on 75 metres, after 2200 as
only Europeans at all. (Ludwig, Apr 29)


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