[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings


6025 R Illimani, 0230, poor signal but in the clear with time-check, id and
religious message. Blocked at 0300. Ormandy Apr 28


11939.9 R Voice of Cambodia, 1159, sign-on with tone, then music and id in
English. Modulation was chronic and nowhere near as strong as the carrier
and ton would have suggested. No news this day, straight into Cambodian
songs. Ormandy Apr 26


11705 R Japan, Sackville, 0010, poor-fair in English, rumbling against
off-frequency Brazilian station. Ormandy Apr 27


15050 RFPI 0220, weak but clear in USB with program on ecological
investment in Africa. Ormandy Apr 30


15295 HCJB 0350, good signal in English with religious programming. Heard
through till Malaysia signs on prior to 0600. Ormandy Apr 25


9855 R Vilnius, Julich, good signal in English until close just prior to
0100, then no sign of Rainbow Radio. Thanks to Glenn Hauser for this tip.
Ormandy Apr 26


6295 Reflections Europe, 1942, poor signal with paid religious programs, id
between preachers. Guess this is one of those quasi-pirates that Ireland
throws up, like UCB Europe 6200. Ormandy Apr 26


6060 RAI Caltanissetta, 2049, Radio Uno Home Service program, fair signal
in Italian with light music. Ormandy Apr 28


5935 R Latvia International, 2030, fair signal in English with 5 minute
news bulletin then signed off. Ormandy Apr 28


2410 R Enga, 0934, weak and clear in English with talk about Bouganville.
Other 120 metre-banders heard were VL8A 2310, VL8T 2325, VL8K 2485, WWCR
2390 and tentatively R Alvorada, weak on 2460. Ormandy May 1


6115 R Union, 0721, good signal and id "..saludos a nuestros amables
oyentes, gracias por su sintonia". Ormandy May 1

6726 R Satellite, 0230, clear though weak with plenty ids & Andean music,
heard till sign-off 0256 with National Anthem. Ormandy Apr 30


15450 FEBC, 0118, weak and fluttery signal with English programming. This
one doesn't get out as well as it should and I wonder as to the efficiency
of this aerial/transmitter. Ormandy Apr 26

7250 Voice of Vietnam, via Russian site, 0100. Fair signal in English with
Asian news. Ormandy Apr 26

9665 V of Russia, 0330, good signal with World Service in English. Heard
past 0400. Ormandy Apr 26

11960 R Minsk, via Russian transmitter, 0400, good signal at sign-on with
ids in Byelorussian and English, then full English schedule. The parallel
of 7210 was heard at the same time but wasn't quite as strong. Ormandy Apr

15485 Voice of Russia, 2000, fair in English with World Service
programming. Ormandy Apr 25


11620 Tajik R 0345, fair in English, dominant over co-channel AIR. Thanks
to Ross Gibson of Christchurch for passing on this tip. Ormandy Apr 25


7210 Voice of Turkey, 2030, very good signal in English with report on
ANZAC Day commemorations. Ormandy Apr 25


15460 WHRA, 2030, fair with fady signal in English, heard past 2100.
Ormandy Apr 27


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