[HCDX]: GRC e-mail addresses
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[HCDX]: GRC e-mail addresses

I did some browsing on Grupo Radio Centro's web-page
(radiocentro.com.mx/grc) and came up with e-mail addresses for the
following MW stations:

790 XERC El Fonografo - fonografo@xxxxxxxxxx
1110 XERED Radio Red - redam@xxxxxxxxxx
1320 XEJP R Variedades - variedades@xxxxxxxxxx
1030 XEQR R Centro - rcentro@xxxxxxxxxx
1560 XEFAJ R Consentida - consentida@xxxxxxxxxx

I looked for 1150 XECMQ Formato 21 and couldn't find an address on their
page though I guess, if they do have one, it would probably be

I also found XEWK's e-mail addr at the Radiopolis home page

1190 XEWK - racosa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And could someone please let me know Nils Jakobssen's e-mail addr - which
has slipped thru my computer change-over.

73s Paul


Paul Ormandy, 33 Greta Street, Oamaru, New Zealand, paulorm@xxxxxxxx

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