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[HCDX]: TFW 60 2/2

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1998  Part  2
Year 3 -  Number  60  - Rome, 12 May 1998

2030- 7210- TURKEY- Voice of Turkey, 2030, very good signal in English
with report on ANZAC Day commemorations. (Ormandy, New Zealand Apr 25)

2030- 15460- USA- WHRA, 2030, fair with fady signal in English, heard
past 2100. (Ormandy, New Zealand Apr 27)

2049- 6060- ITALIA- RAI Caltanissetta, 2049, Radio Uno Home Service
program, fair signal in Italian with light music. (Ormandy, New Zealand
Apr 28)

2115- 4870.2- BENIN- ORTB; Cotonou, April 27, 2115-2129, Indigenous
music, male speaker with news in French, reports. Some short
instrumental  jingles which sounded like they were played trough a
telephone line. At 2128 time check and ID as "Radio Cotonou", weather.
44444 (Veldhuis, The Netherlands)

2116- 4965- ZAMBIA- Radio Christian Voice, 2116,  April 4 songs and  ID
in jingle man with religious themes and songs continued , 34232.  It
seems  that RCV  came back in this QRG (Liangas, R, Greece)

2125- 4790- UNID- Unid R.  2125 April 4 with arabic songs man in arabic
at low audio levels. Could not catch for any ID 2200* 34232 (Liangas, R,

2140- 5003- EQUATORIAL GUINEA- R Natl Guinea, 2140 April 3 news on
agriculture and economics in SP read by OM , 32233 Speach on 2125/4.5 at
43223. I think that this station is available  everyday There was also
available the other staiton on 6250 for 3 / 5 (Liangas, Greece)

2145- 4753- INDONESIA- RRI Ujung Pandang 2145 April 3 only , YL with
continuous speaks , keroncong songs , then IS with song of coconut
islands , then news from Jakarta 24223 (Liangas, R, Greece)

2157- 3380- MALAWI- MBC; Limbe, April 27, 2157-2202, Popmusic, male DJ
in English with heavy accent, another male with ID as "MBC Radio 1",
time check, news. 34343 (Veldhuis, The Netherlands)

2159- 4925- INDONESIA- RRI Jambi, 2159 , April 3, hymns , IS  and news
from Jakarta 42422 (Liangas, R, Greece)

2202- 3930- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits, May 9, Rock mx,px in English
(in // with 6220) 22232 (Pecolatto, Italy /Radiorama  Pirate News)

2205- 3395- INDONESIA- RRI Tanjung Karang, 2205, April 3 only rcptn,  
news from RRI JAakarta 23223 (Liangas, R, Greece)

2206- 3316- SIERRA LEONE- SLBC; Goderich, April 27, 2206-2211, Male
speaker with news in English, main points of the news, Afro music. 24332

2209- 3320- SOUTH AFRICA- Radio Sonder Grense; Meijerton, April 26,
2209-2222, Male with news in Afrikaans, IDs as "RSG", another male with
program preview, telephone number, popmusic (a.o. Aqua). 34344
(Veldhuis, The Netherlands)

2254- 4950- ANGOLA- Radio Nacional de Angola; Mulenvos, April 26,
2254-2301, Male speaker in Portuguese, female with ID, music. News at
2300. //4950. 24332 (Veldhuis, The Netherlands)


ANTIGUA - 9700 KHz, Deutsche Welle, Antigua, QSL-c (full data) 82 days
to e-mail report v/s B. Klaumann (Transmission Management) (Eramo,

BRAZIL - Radio Difusora de Roraima ZYG810 Boa Vista (4875 kHz)-Ham Radio
QSL card returned along with three-page letter, with a complete
description of the station and the area of Brazil in which the station
islocated, in one month for a Portuguese report, signed by Galvao
Soares, Director Geral. (Bueneman-MO, USA)

CHINA PR - CRI 9535 kHz 1530 UTC Sept 3, 1997. The card show the marble
boat. Postmarked Beijing Nov. 4, 1997. No signature. (Brata, Indonesia)

CUBA - 11970 KHz, Radio Habana, La Habana, CUBA,  QSL-c (full data),
letter, schedule, 125 days (Eramo, Argentina)

GUAM - KTWR 9815 kHZ 2130 UTC Sept. 7, 1997 from Agana, GUAM. Signed by
K. Sregowski. The card said KTWR uses 4 Harris SW-100 100  kW
transmitters and 5 TCI 40band curtain antennas. Postmarked GUAM in Dec
29, 1997. The address of KTWR is PO Box CC, Agana, GUAM 96910-8980
(Brata, Indonesia)

MEXICO - 6185 KHz, XEPPM Radio Educación, Mexico DF, MEXICO QSL-c
(partial data), magazine, stickers, ruler, letter, calendar etc. V/s
Luis  Ernesto Pi Orozco-Director General,  arrive  in 172 days 3 IRC
(after one follow up) (Eramo, Argentina)

NAMIBIA - 3290 KHz, NBC Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, Windohock,
QSL-c (full data) letter, schedule, v/s P. Schatschneider-Manager
Transmitter  arrive in 181 days  (to cassette report) (Eramo, Argentina)

PIRATE - 6979 KHz, Jolly Roger Radio International (Via Radio Cochiguaz)
QSL-c (full data), letter, post card, 56 days for 2 IRC v/s Joe Vincent
(Eramo, Argentina)

PIRATE - 6950 KHz Radio Pasteur, (Via Radio Cochiguaz) QSL (full data),
info about Radio Pasteur project, v/s Emilio Carbonell and Claudio
Morales, Casilla 1852, 1000 Buenos Aires, Argentina 91 days (Eramo,

RWANDA - 11795 KHz, Deutsche Welle, Kigali, Rwanda, QSL-c (full data) 82
days to e-mail report v/s B. Klaumann (Transmission Management) (Eramo,

UKRAINE - V.o.Russia via Kharkiv relay on 4920, QSL card, letter,
schedule in 92 days, V/s Elena Osipova, segr. (L.Botto Fiora, Gral
Liguria, Italy / Play DX 980 May 4)

USA HAWAII - World Harvest Radio 17780 KHz 0700 UTC Sept 5, 1997 from
Naalehu, Hawaii signed by James Holycross from KWHR Engineering.  The
card shows a curtain antenna, a globe and the map of the transmitter
location. Postmarked South Bend, INDIANA on Dec 5, 1997. (Brata,

ZAMBIA - Christian Voice on 3330, letter in 38 days, V/s B.Phiri
(P.Machado Decastro, Brazil/QSL s DX Clube Paulista # 163 Febr. 98/ Play
DX 980 May 4)


BELARUS - I have been ignoring reports of English from R. Minsk, since
the last I heard, it was nothing but paid religion from gospel huxters.
Are they now actually producing their own English programs, and how come
they are spotted around the schedule at various non-daily times like the
huxters? Both R. Minsk and Dxers seem to have short memories, as only a
few years ago the station was doing English to NAm, very well heard via
Russian transmitters at 2330, as I recall (Glenn Hauser, OK, May 2 / GH
SW/DX Report 98-22, May 7)

CANADA - RCI has plans for a second site on the west coast, at Cable
Bay, BC, with 2 x 500 kW, 1 x 250 kW, 4 x 100 kW, to operate 20 hpd,
with Thomcast ALLISS transmitters (Univ of Wash student Hackett's
webpage via Bill Matthews, TIAWR Wavescan May 4 via WORLD OF RADIO 940 /
GH SW/DX Report 98-22, May 7) 

CANADA - On WOR 940 I qualified the item from Wavescan with "not
confirmed by RCI", altho I did not say this in my DX report. Kim Elliott
of VOA, however, says, "I called RCI.  There is no truth to the report
they will build a shortwave relay site in BC.  The University of
Washington student's Web site also said RCI would be adding Uzbek,
Berber, Swahili, Zulu, Hausa, Indonesian, Tok Pisin, Hindi, Kanata,
Sinhala, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali, and a high-speed morse code service for
the Canadian diplomatic service.  I  don't think so." (via Hauser / GH
SW/DX Report 98-22, May 7)

CHILE - Andrew Flynn, CE of Voz Cristiana was visiting Quito and
interviewed by Ken MacHarg on HCJB DX Partyline May 2. Besides the tests
to Mexico on 21550, a second frequency has started testing, 11890
mornings to Brazil--see below. Site is in a fruit-growing area west of
Santiago. The test tapes are played from Stgo., not yet Miami, which
they hope to have operational by August. Licence was granted at
Marchend. Will broadcast only in Spanish [i.e. not English, but surely
Portuguese -gh]. As soon as more transmitters are refurbished, crystals,
synthesizers are working, parts of this schedule will start appearing:
Mexico/CAm 1300-0100 21550, 0100-0600 11690 NSAm/Carib 1100-1400 15375,
1400-2100 17680, 2100-0600 9630 Brazil     0800-1100 11890, 1100-2100
21500, 2100-0500 11---(11890 seems to be working tho has VOA up 5) SSAm
0900-1200 6070, 1200-2000 9635, 2000-0400 6070 (6070 is being vacated by
Cuba) [TS, CFRX -gh]  Minor frequency changes may be necessary. Voz
Cristiana wants to occupy the chosen frequencies as soon as possible. Of
the eight transmitters, the final two could be sent to some other
location, or used to broker time for other Christian broadcasters --not
stations such as BBC, but only Christian stations. It may take up to six
months to get up and running. Will have a mix of music and teaching like
CV in Zambia, some programs in-house productions, others from outside.
Now replying by whatever means is convenient, such as E-mail, fax, but
plans eventually to have new QSL cards. Flynn is the only non-Chilean
technician at the site, but there is a Swedish missionary dealing with
the govt. Site covers about 7 ha, has 5 towers of 73m supporting
curtains, and 4 towers of 50m with log-periodics. Working on a homemade
49 mb antenna which will also work on 31m once matched. Power is from
commercial source, but expensive, and during test period is not on air
in evenings at peak-power times. Possibly hydro-electric later, but is
30-40 km from Andes up to 6 km high, in a dry area. Will see how costs
go the first year and then decide. CV wants to reach the whole world,
including English to Africa, Spanish to LAm, Arabic to ME/NAf, Russian,
Mandarin, Hindi. Looking for a new site to serve Asia, including one in
Sri Lanka already established. Plans to add local radio, but not TV, and
has no plans for digital. Simpler URL will get to them: <
http://www.christian-vision.org >(via RIB via Hauser / GH SW/DX Report
98-22, May 7)

COSTA RICA - TIAWR has been off the air lately when checked at 2300
Sundays for Wavescan; but UT Mon April 27 came on just before 0000 and
then Wavescan on 9725 et al., so this may be deliberate new timing; why
don't they publicize such changes? (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SW/DX Report
98-21, April 30)

COSTA RICA - Due to HCJB QRM from 21470, RFPI is trying 21460 instead of
21465 starting May 7; reports wanted (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SW/DX Report
98-22, May 7)

COSTA RICA - Once again this UT Monday May 4 at 0000, TIAWR had Wavescan
on 9725; edition 175, and seemingly more rapidly delivered than before,
containing some items already from WOR 938, rather than 4 weeks old.
Bill Matthews did both the global DX news segment and the North American
(WORLD OF RADIO 940 / GH SW/DX Report 98-22, May 7)

CUBA - Not only is RHC a spur-producer, but Cuban utility transmitter
CLA puts spurs even in the broadcast bands: April 25 at 2210, found QRA 
marker de CLA on 21610.6; not an image from 22 MHz, and could not find
any fundamental (Glenn Hauser, OK)

CUBA - RHC in English at 2230-2330 on new 9550 again clashes with
Ukraine this summer, when checked before and after 2300 May 5 in
anticipation of hearing DXers Unlimited around 2305. In fact, RHC was
way under RUI in Ukrainian. Way to go, Arnie! Why resolve a frequency
conflict that has gone on year after year? Back at 2100, 13715 was
barely propagating and supposed new USB 13740 was inaudible in the
aftermath of the major geomagnetic storm. At 0130 check May 6 the USB
frequency was 13605, not 13660 as Coro once predicted (Glenn Hauser, and
WORLD OF RADIO 940/ GH SW/DX Report 98-22, May 7)

ECUADOR - HCJB excellent signal on 15295 at 0516 April 27, but crackle
on audio; next night, the transmitted noise was much worse than that.
HCJB is moving this to 12020, but what they really need to do is fix the
audio (Glenn Hauser, OK /DX Report 98-21, April 30)

ECUADOR - Since May 3, HCJB has greatly expanded usage of 21470 to
*1815-2228*, despite knowing of the damage it causes to RFPI on 21466;
meanwhile, dozens of other 13mb channels go vacant. BTW, Ken MacHarg
writes supporters that he is quitting HCJB as of July 1 and moving to
South Florida (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 940/ GH SW/DX Report 98-22,
May 7)

HUNGARY - On Sundays May 10 and 24, Hungary will go to the polls, and on
these days R. Budapest will air Election Specials in the Hungary Today
programme. Current English times are: Europe 1900-1930 on 3975, 7170;
2100-2130 3975, 11700; NAm 0100-0130 6120, 9580; 0230-0300 9840, 11910
(Edwin Southwell, England, April 20 via WORLD OF RADIO 939/ GH SW/DX
Report 98-22, May 7)

INDONESIA - RRI Sorong on 4874.6kHz was inactive since April 11. But a
few days this frequency was reactivated in the middle of April. Now the 
station uses 9741.6kHz in stead of 4874.6kHz. According to my monitoring
at 1000-1200 on April 28, The local news was heard at 1100 and Jakarta
news relay was heard at 1000. (Juichi Yamada, JAPAN / Jembatan DX # 46)

INDONESIA - RRI Bandung is back on 3204.4v with a fair carrier but low
level and distorted audio. (Apr 9, Gerhard Werdin, Bandung-Indonesia via
BC-DX No.361  / Jembatan DX # 46)

INDONESIA - RRI Fak Fak uses 4789.1kHz in the local evening broadcast
instead of 7231.1kHz from April. (Juichi Yamada, JAPAN/Jembatan DX # 46)

INDONESIA - RRI Kupang on 3385.0kHz reactivated from the end of April.
Its sign off time is now 1515 with Love Ambon.  (Juichi Yamada, JAPAN  /
Jembatan DX # 46)

INDONESIA - RRI Serui on 4606.3kHz now signs off at 1530.  (Juichi
Yamada, JAPAN  / Jembatan DX # 46)

INDONESIA - RRI Manado on 3215.0kHz now signs off at 1515. (Juichi
Yamada, JAPAN  / Jembatan DX # 46)

IRELAND -[non]. Forgot to check Emerald Radio special Monday April 27,
but started listening Tuesday at 1201 on WWCR 5070. I could only stand 7
minutes of it, as it was almost unintelligible due to deliberate noise
background, so loud as to be in foreground, which I think was originally
supposed to be some kind of annoying "music", mostly percussion. This
was compounded by low-quality phone line program feed. What's so urgent
about this that it has to be aired live, rather than a day or two
delayed by tape? To boot, the topic was the history of stupid ballgames
in Ireland. So much for that. They need to  learn the first rule of
shortwave broadcasting--don't do anything to impair intelligibility.
Rechecked Emerald Apr 30 at 1230--rap music! Godawful (Glenn  Hauser, OK
/DX Report 98-21, April 30)

NORWAY- Some of NRK's frequency changes for May affecting English on
Sundays/UT Mondays to NAm: 1600 15340 ex-17640; 0400 9945 ex-11990 (Olav
Mo Grimdalen, NRK via Joe Hanlon, April 27, WORLD OF RADIO 939/DX Report
98-21, April 30)

PIRATE EUROPE - TEXAS TWISTER RADIO - Here comes the very first USA show
via Radio 510 International. DJ Elton in full flight with country  music
and talk.He even has a few songs of his own ready to be heard! Have a
listen and swing along to the sounds of Texas. Correct reception reports
to:  Texas Twister Radio, Elton Houck, P.O.Box 380567, Duncanville,
Texas 75138, USA E-mail:EHouck1@xxxxxxx  (Via Radio 510 Int./Radiorama
Pirate News May # 1)

PIRATE EUROPE -  Radio Brigitte Int. announce that will broadcast the
1st and 2nd Saturday and Sunday on the new frequency of 6520 kHz.
(Pecolatto, Italy/ Radiorama Pirate News May # 1)

PIRATE EUROPE - Radio Borderhunter/Grensjager was raided Tuesday
14/04/98 at 1400 UTC from a special police team. The discovery was
thanks the help from an austrian listener who gives the authority a lot
of information. The Box 28 in Beerse(Belgium) was closed. (Pecolatto,
Italy /Radiorama Pirate News May # 1)

RUSSIA  - (?). Looking for VOR's listed 15520, nothing there April 27 at
0512, but Russian music on 15525; at 0514 lost audio, but carrier stayed
on and background noise level raised by limiter to loudness. Isn't
anybody listening at the transmitter? (Glenn Hauser, OK /DX Report
98-21, April 30)

SERBIA - Radio Yugoslavia have moved to their summer freqs, just  as
predicted. I heard them poorly, under disturbed atmospheric conditions,
May 4 0000-0030 9580 & 11870 (Ivan Grishin, WORLD OF RADIO 940/ GH SW/DX
Report 98-22, May 7)

USA - Upon occasion, WGTG's audio is much improved. This is when they
are testing transmitter number 2 on the frequencies of number 1, with a
digital modulation system (George Thurman, TX, RIB via Hauser /DX Report
98-21, April 30)


DXing with Cumbre Schedule as of 30 April 1998 -Hello everyone--Here's
the new schedule.  Please note that the 1530 Sunday UTC transmission
from  the Angel 1 transmitter has been dropped; it has been replaced by
"Storming the Gates with Steve Sumrall."   WHRI Angel 1 (To: 
Americas/Caribbean) 0500 - 0530 Saturday    7315 kHz 1730 - 1800
Saturday    15105 kHz 2230 - 2300 Saturday    9495 kHz 1230 - 1300
Sunday      9495 kHz 1330 - 1400 Sunday      15105 kHz --- WHRI Angel 2
(To: Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia/N Am) 0500 - 0530 Saturday    5745
kHz 1430 - 1500 Saturday    13760 kHz (fqy change) 2200 - 2230
Saturday    13760 kHz 0430 - 0500 Sunday      5745 kHz 0830 - 0900
Sunday      5745 kHz 1730 - 1800 Sunday      13760 kHz --- KWHR Angel 3
(To: Asia/Pacific) 0230 - 0300 Saturday    17510 kHz 0600 - 0630
Sunday      17780 kHz 1630 - 1700 Sunday      9930  kHz 1830 - 1900
Sunday      13625 kHz --- KWHR Angel 4 (To: South Pacific) 0700 - 0730 
Saturday   17555 kHz 2000 - 2030  Saturday   17555 kHz 0330 - 0400 
Sunday     17555 kHz 0730 - 0800  Sunday     17555 kHz 1300 - 1330 
Sunday     11565 kHz 2130 - 2200  Sunday     17555 kHz --- WHRA Angel 5
(To: Africa/Middle East) 0730 - 0800  Saturday   11565 kHz  (new) 2130 -
2200  Saturday   15460 kHz 1830 - 1900  Sunday     17655 kHz  (new) 2130
- 2200  Sunday     15460 kHz --- Thanks for tuning in to DXing with
Cumbre! 73--Marie Lamb   P.S.: In a programming note, Joe Brashier of
World Harvest Radio tells me that the World Harvest shortwave network
will air the Indianapolis 500 auto race on Memorial Day in the U.S.,
which will be Monday, May 25th.  I will have time and frequency details
as they become available.

Join me for the latest tuning tips for the South Pacific on Radio New
Zealand International during "Mailbox", fortnightly broadcasts, Monday
0430z on 17675kHz and 1130z on 9795kHz (6100kHz from May 3rd), repeated
the following Thursday 0830z on 9795kHz (6100kHz from May 3rd) and
Friday at 1930z on 11735kHz (9875kHz from May 3rd). Next Broadcasts: May
11th and 25th, repeated on following days as above. And on AWR's
"Wavescan" commencing the third Sunday of the month (see <
http://www.awr.org > for frequency schedule), repeated at 0700z on ZLXA
Print Disabled Radio the first Monday of the month, on 1602kHz, 3935kHz
and 5960kHz alternate 7290kHz. (Paul Ormandy, New Zealand)


the annual publications for DX-ers: the TROPICAL BANDS SURVEY (TBS), 
edited in its 26th Edition by DSWCI Chairman Anker Petersen, and  the
CLANDESTINE STATIONS LIST (CSL), edited in its 14th Edition as usual by
Editor Finn Krone will be available for sale from the DSWCI as of the
8th May, 1998. The TBS and the CSL are sold by the DSWCI, c/o Bent
Nielsen, Egekrogen 14, DK 3500 Vaerloese, DENMARK for 50 DKK, 8 USD, 5
GBP, 13 DEM or 10 IRCs per issue.  15 x 100 of discount is given, if a
DX Club orders a total of 20 copies or more.  DSWCI Bank account is 3001
4001-528459 and postal giro account 710-3409.  Cash notes are accepted. 
Best 73's  Danish Shortwave Club International,  Anker Petersen and 
Finn Krone   (via Finn Krone)

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