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[HCDX]: TFW 60 1/2

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1998  Part  1
Year 3 -  Number  60  - Rome, 12 May 1998
QTH: xxxxxxxx
PHONE:  xxxxxxx
FAX: +39 6 5126262
E-MAIL: g.serra@xxxxxx
The Four Winds on Line  - Copyright 1998 - Newsletter edited by 
Giovanni Serra, Rome - Italy.

                             TFW on Line Policy
1) TFW on Line covers only the SW Broadcasting  Specrum.
2) Subscription rate:  as a non  commercial newsletter, 
    there is no fee to subscribe TFW on Line.
3) TFW on Line is distributed to Individuals, DX Editors,
    Clubs and Organizations, asking for the reciprocal exchange of  
    DX Bulletins and / or contributions.
4) Excerpts may be reprinted,translated, e-mailed and / or 
    transmitted with appropriate credit, unless Copyright indicated.
5) Not to be redistributed or reposted without permission.
6) Suggestions and ideas are welcome. 
7) If you no longer wish to receive TFW on Line  please, 
    drop me a line.   
loggings in order of  time;  frequencies in kHz;  times UTC;  
ham codes as usual;  Reporting  signal quality: Loc  = local 
signal; E = excellent; G = good;  F = fair; P = poor; 
VP = very poor;  A = avoid.  (also in SINPO or SIO code)


No good conditions for Dxing last weeks here in Roma (today is
summertime): storms, lightnings, heavy statics, bad  waves propagation

I apologize if next TFW issues will be delayed, cause serious problems
in my family. 


WILLI PASSMANN - RE:  0256- 4990.94- SURINAME- Radio Apintie,
Paramaribo,  0256-0258* ... Normal sked is to 0400* except on local
Sunday evenings when 1 hr earlier; this is listed correctly in PWBR but
not properly reflected in any of WRTH, TBL or TBL. ...  ---CLARK,
Ontario, Canada --- Well, only the time was given correctly in TBL: irr
0730-0400 (So 0300) ....So due to your information the entry was changed
to Mo 0300. Thanks!  Willi Passmann, Editor TBL

PEDRO ARRUNATEGUI  - ERRATA CORRIGE:  En el Chasqui DX 121 dice: 6818.2
R. Victoria, Lima,  debe decir: 6018.2 R. Victoria, Lima

Thank you  for all our Contributors !

AL QUAGLIERI ( AQ ), Albany, NY, USA    via e - mail    RX:  Drake
R8A    ANT:  an extended Zepp antenna < http://www.albany.net/~alcue/ >
BOB HILL, Littleton, MA, USA for DX Report   via e-mail   RX: Sony
ICF-2010 with Kiwa filters  - an old Radio West ferrite loop ANT: a
dipole about 75 meters long and about 12 meters high
BRUNO PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy  for Radiorama Pirate News
May  # 1   via e - mail    RX: Kenwood R5000, Lowe HF150 ANT.: Yaesu
FRT7700, Daiwa AF606K, longwire 15 mt  < 
http://www.arpnet.it/~air/welcome.htm > <  http://www.radiorama.it >
CHARLES BOLLAND, Lake Worth FL, USA  via e-mail  RX: NRD535D and
NRD525    ANT.: Longwire
ERIC BUENEMAN, Hazelwood, MO, USA via e-mail RX: Sangean ATS-803A ANT:
MFJ-1778 G5RV < http://members.aol.com/n0uiheric/k-index.htm >
GIOVANNI  SERRA, Roma, Italy (ed.)   RX:  JRC NRD 525     ANT:  Alpha
Delta DX SWL-S Sloper  (40 feet) ;  JPS NIR 10 filter and Oregon
Scientific clock, tuned  with the standard frequency station DCF 77 in
Mainflingen, Germany on 77.5 kHz.
GLENN HAUSER (GH), Enid OK, USA for GH SW/DX Report 98-21, April 30,
1998 and 98-22, May 7 1998, via e-mail < http://www.hotmail.com ><
http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio >
JUICHI YAMADA, Chiba, Japan    for Jembatan DX  #  46  via e-mail   RX: 
NRD-525  - AR7030     ANT:   AN-1
LUDO MAES, Rijkevorsel, Belgium via e-mail 
MARIE LAMB, Brewerton NY, USA  via e-mail  DX-ing with Cumbre     <
http://www.whri.com >  or  < http://www.kwhr.com >
MARK J.FINE,  Remington, VA, USA  via e-mail    < 
http://www.crosslink.net/~mfine/  > RX: Drake R8A   ANT.: 66' longwire
that slopes slightly southeast 
MARK VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands via e-mail    RX: AOR AR7030 - JRC
NRD-535 - Lowe HF-150 -Sony ICF-SW7600G   ANT: Appr. 20 meter longwire +
MLB and RF Systems SP-2 antenna splitter
MICHIEL SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands  via e-mail   RX: AOR AR7030  
ANT.: RF-Systems T2FD and MK1
NICOLAS ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina  via e-mail    RX: SONY ICF 7600 
ANT.: Longwire antenna 15 mts. RX:  SONY ICF SW 7600G   ANT.. V inverted
antenna 20 mts
PAUL ORMANDY, Oamaru, New Zealand via e-mail       RX: Drake SPR-4     
ANT: from home 2 x 25 metre dipoles in a V -  from Waianakarua, 3 x 300m
Beverages aimed at the USA, 1 x 450 metre aimed at South America and 1 x
300m aimed at Hawaii/Alaska.
PEDRO ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru   for Chasqui DX  #  121 via e-mail    RX:
Icom IC-R 71 E    ANT:   42 meters dipole
PLAY DX, Milano, Italy  #  980 May 4  1998 Edited by Dario Monferini,
via snail mail 
SHERYL PASZKIEWICZ, Manitowoc, WI, USA for DX Party Line via e-mail 
RX:  Icom R8 - JRC NRD 525   ANT.:  60' LW Eavesdropper
WILLI PASSMANN, Muelheim, Germany  via e-mail,  Editor TBL   Welcome !
WISHNU BRATA,  Bandung, Indonesia via e-mail  RX:  Sony ICF-260S  
ANT.:  Built-in Telescopic
ZACHARIAS LIANGAS, Thessalloniki, Greece via e-mail   RX:  Lowe HF 150 -
Philips 2935 - Sony ICF 7600 D   ANT:  6 meters sloper  ATU hand made -
11 m hor ( for 40 m - 60 m ) - 6 m antenna tilted upward --- from
Retziki (R): RX: SONY ICF 7600 D ANT.: 5 m alu wire plus ATU  <
http://www.compulink.gr/Users/zliangas >  SHORTED ! <
http://www.clandjop.com/~jcruzan/greek-p.html >  (mirrored for greek
pirate radio )

SW TIPS    (TIME - Freq. - Country)

0000- 9380 CLANDESTINE (Tibet) - V. of Tibet  *0000  Assumed this one
with pleasant Oriental melody faded up and down to accommodate short
announcements by man and woman in tonal language (a good guess might be
Tibetan); into extended talk at 0003. Fair signal but boomy, muffled
speech audio. Transmitter cut off at 0009; returned about 20 seconds
later, but only an open carrier when rechecked at 0013 past 0015. Is
supposed to run till 0030*.  (Hill, USA Apr. 23)

0010- 11705- CANADA- R Japan, Sackville, 0010, poor fair in English,
rumbling against off frequency Brazilian station. (Ormandy New Zealand
Apr 27)

0100- 9855- GERMANY- R Vilnius, Julich, good signal in English until
close just prior to 0100, then no sign of Rainbow Radio. Thanks to Glenn
Hauser for this tip. (Ormandy, New Zealand Apr 26)

0100- 7250- RUSSIA- Voice of Vietnam, via Russian site, 0100. Fair
signal in English with Asian news. (Ormandy, New Zealand Apr 26)

0114- 5039.2- PERU- R.Libertad (vy tent) May 9  0114-0130, poss romantic
song, W unclear ancmt at 0117, song, W tlk ( 100 x 100 unclear, so it
was impossible to acknowledge any language), Bryan Adams' old fine song,
M ancmt. (QRN heavy statics) Vy Poor (Serra, Italy)

0118- 15450- PHILIPPINES- FEBC, 0118, weak and fluttery signal with
English programming. This one doesn't get out as well as it should and I
wonder as to the efficiency of this aerial/transmitter. (Ormandy, New
Zealand Apr 26)

0220- 15050- COSTA RICA- RFPI 0220, weak but clear in USB with program
on ecological investment in Africa. (Ormandy, New Zealand Apr 30)

0230- 6025- BOLIVIA- R Illimani, 0230, poor signal but in the clear with
time check, id and religious message. Blocked at 0300. (Ormandy, New
Zealand Apr 28)

0230- 6726- PERU-  R Satellite, 0230, clear though weak with plenty ids
& Andean music, heard till sign-off 0256 with National Anthem. (Ormandy,
New Zealand Apr 30)

0344- 7260- VIETNAM- Voice of Vietnam  0344  In English, talk by man and
woman about military involvments.  Talk was interspersed with vocal
music with military/anthem-like styles.  Signal varied in strength and
readability, mostly fair to poor.  ID and signoff at 0356 by man. 
Reception under unusual conditions with K index of 5. (Fine, USA  04

0345- 11620- TAJIKISTAN- Tajik R 0345, fair in English, dominant over
co-channel AIR. Thanks to Ross Gibson of Christchurch for passing on
this tip. (Ormandy, New Zealand Apr 25)

0350- 15295- ECUADOR- HCJB 0350, good signal in English with religious
programming. Heard through till Malaysia signs on prior to 0600.
(Ormandy, New Zealand Apr 25)

0400- 11960- RUSSIA- R Minsk, via Russian transmitter, 0400, good signal
at sign on with ids in Byelorussian and English, then full English
schedule. The parallel of 7210 was heard at the same time but wasn't
quite as strong. (Ormandy, New Zealand Apr 25)

0434- 6000- CUBA- R.Habana in English 0434-0450, M fqys quote, mx break,
economy tlk ment Cuba, Habana, ancmt and lcl folk song, tlk again abt
lcl economy, agriculture, productions etc, mx pauses, ID at 0447, ancmt
and lcl folk song. (QRM splat) Poor (Serra, Italy, May 3)

0457- 15125- INDONESIA- RRI Jakarta #1, 0457, April 28 gamelan songs ,
song of  coconut islands then ID , 23332 (Liangas Greece) 

0518- 15295- ECUADOR- HCJB, 0518, April 28  OM : 'from Equador" , "what
the bible says..." 34433 ( log of the moment ) (Liangas Greece) 

0600-5470 LIBERIA- R Veritas tent, 4/26 0600 chorus and anmts, voice
really muffled (Paszkiewicz, USA)

0721- 6115- PERU- R Union, 0721, good signal and id "..saludos a
nuestros amables oyentes, gracias por su sintonia". (Ormandy May 1)

0742- 6520- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Brigitte Int., May 9, Mx folk-dance,ID in
English 23332 (Pecolatto, Italy /Radiorama  Pirate News)

0748- 6220- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits, May 9, Mx rock,px in English
(at 2200 in//with3930)  23332 (Pecolatto, Italy /Radiorama  Pirate News)

0800- 4914.4- PERU- R. Cora, Lima; 30/04 0800-0825 44444 mxf ID "Yo soy
Cora.." nx ID "3 de la mañana con 17 minutos en Radio Cora del Perú..,
mañana es el día del trabajador.." advs Cámara de comercio y de la
construcción.. nx (Arrunátegui, Peru / Casqui DX # 121)

0820- 11890- CHILE- Voz Christiana, Santiago,  08 May, 08:20, presumed
this one, with light songs (sounding just like the friendly Spanish
gospels heard on 21550 kHz). Weak signal, peaking to SINPO 24342 but
mostly 14321. (Schaay, The Netherlands)

0821- 4800- MEXICO- XERTA noted in SS @0821 w/sleepy Mexican music,
canned ID by M 0825 "Esta es Radio Transcontinental de America  X E R T
A    con 50,000 watts de potencia . La banda internacional de 60 metros,
en 4800 kiloHertz. ..[unintelligible]...desde Mexico, Distrito Federal."
Back into nonstop mx. Weak but in the clear. (4 May/Quaglieri, NY USA)

0825- 17835.15- PAKISTAN- R.Pakistan in Urdu (frq var 17835.14)
0825-0833, W tlk and ID during tlk: Radio Pakistan, Islamabad...mx
breaks, lcl song. F/P  (Serra, Italy May 10)

0840- 6818.2- PERU- R. Victoria, Lima; 30/04 0840--0905 44444 px
Secuencias de Milagros ID "La gran cadena de Radio Victoria..." px
religioso. (Arrunátegui, Peru / Casqui DX # 121)

0850- 17700- CHINA PR- CPBS # 2  in Chinese, 0850-0855, M W chat, Mx and
other W tlk (also canned), mx pause, W ancmt, M W tlk F/P  (Serra, Italy
May 10)

0910- 6085.3- BOLIVIA- R. San Gabriel radio, La Paz; 30/04 0910-0935
44444 mxf ID "Por San Gabriel Radio.." px en dialecto y muy poco
español. (Arrunátegui, Peru / Casqui DX # 121)

0914- 4949.8- ECUADOR- R. Baha&rsquo;l , Otavolo; 1/05 0914-0940, 33333
px en dialecto mx pasillo ID "Radio Baha&rsquo;l.."mx mx luego dicen en
español ID "Radio Baha&rsquo;l del Ecuador, ayuda a la protección de la
familia y el mundo" desde las 0930 hablan es dialecto y español.
(Arrunátegui, Peru / Casqui DX # 121)

0915- 6204.13- PERU- Radio Cuzco 0915-0935 Noted Huaynos music and
Spanish Comments from a woman. Signal was fair. (Bolland, Charles USA, 
April 30, 1998)

0930- 4935- PERU- Radio Tropical 0930-0945 Noted huaynos music, some
comments and ID. Live TC every minute by man. Signal was fair. (Bolland,
Charles, USA, April 30, 1998)

0934- 2410- PAPUA NEW GUINEA- R Enga, 0934, weak and clear in English
with talk about Bouganville. Other 120 metre-banders heard were VL8A
2310, VL8T 2325, VL8K 2485, WWCR 2390 and tentatively R Alvorada, weak
on 2460. (Ormandy, New Zealand May 1)

0940- 7306- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Marabu via Europe (in USB) May 9, Mx
rock,ID in German 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy /Radiorama  Pirate News)

0940- 6135- BOLIVIA- R. San Cruz, Santa Cruz; 30/04 0940-1010 44444 ID
"Este jueves a las 7 de la noche, escuche por Radio Santa Cruz.." mx
Slogan: "Cuando los rayos del sol no han salido, Radio Santa Cruz, le
alegra sus buenos días.. " px sobre el primero de Mayo. (Arrunátegui,
Peru / Casqui DX # 121)

0942- 4980- VENEZUELA-  R. Ecos del Torbes, San Cristóbal; 1/05
0942-1010 33333 px sobre las funciones de la vitamina C, ID "Y esta
emisora Ecos del Torbes ..." (Arrunátegui, Peru / Casqui DX # 121)

0948- 5039.2- PERU- Radio Libertad 0948-1000 Noted music, and Spanish
Comments. At 0953, Canned ID using echo effect. This followed by ADs.
Signal was poor. (Bolland, Charles USA,  April 30, 1998)

1018- 13475- EGYPT- R Cairo, 1018, April 4, arab songs then ID " huna al
Kahira' and freqs by YL  . Distorted audio 43443 (Liangas, R, Greece)

1100- 7120- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Wonderful via IRRS, May 9,  Mx,ID in E
nglish 43333 (Pecolatto, Italy /Radiorama  Pirate News)

1100- 11835- SRI LANKA, BROADCAST CORP 1100-1135 Noted a program of
music and English Comments. At about 1125 woman in religious comments.
This followed with time pips, ID and NA. Off the air at 1135. Signal was
poor and just getting better when they sined off.  (Bolland, Charles
USA,   May 7, 1998)

1157- 6300- PIRATE EUROPE- Farmers from Holland,  May 10, mx folk,ID in
Dutch  23332 (Pecolatto, Italy /Radiorama  Pirate News)

1159- 11939.9- CAMBODIA- R Voice of Cambodia, 1159, sign-on with tone,
then music and id in English. Modulation was chronic and nowhere near
as  strong as the carrier and ton would have suggested. No news this
day, straight into Cambodian songs. (Ormandy New Zealand Apr 26)

1200- 7120- PIRATE EUROPE- Eurorock via IRRS, May 9, Rock mx,ID in
German  43343 (Pecolatto, Italy /Radiorama  Pirate News)

1452- 15519.6- BANGLADESH- R. Bangladesh  1452  Tentatively Dhaka Home
Service with subcontinental vocals by what sounded like young girl  or
falsetto by man. Brief announcement by man at 1459, then unusual
sequence of pips (pip [pause] pip pip pip high pip) at 1500 and more
talk. Weak,  choppy; speech audio so low I couldn't even guess at
language.  (Hill, USA Apr. 24)

1526- 10059.82- VIETNAM- Hanoi 1, April 27, 1526-1538, Male speaker in
Vietnamese, Vietnamese song with short announcements by female in 
between. 34343 (Veldhuis, The Netherlands)

1529- 13645- ISRAEL- V of S Azerbaijan  *1529 , Aprl 29 , ID "inja
Shimbi Azerbaijan sesi" over classical music , male with ID schedule
freqs and address ,instrumental folk music  then news read by woman
@1526  43433 (Liangas Greece)

1601- 13630- UAE- UAE Radio, Dubai in English  //13675  15395  21605,
1601-1611, W ID, anmct, M ID, Arabic mx and W ancmt into historical
radio play.  F/P (Serra, Italy May 9)

1601- 13645- CLANDESTINE- VOSA 1601 April 4 ID and folk songs 43333
(Liangas, R, Greece)

1903- 4975.98- UGANDA- R.Uganda in English, May 7  1903-1910, M nx with
ID, till 1916, afropop songs, W ancmt U(hrd in usb to avoid ute, QRN
statics) F (Serra, Italy)

1942- 6295- PIRATE EUROPE- Reflections Europe, Ireland, 1942, poor
signal with paid religious programs, id between preachers. Guess this is
one of those quasi-pirates that Ireland throws up, like UCB Europe 6200.
(Ormandy, New Zealand Apr 26) (Very great catch, Paul, considering Euro
pirate radios are very, very hard to listen here in southern Europe ! 

2012- 15120- NIGERIA- Vo Nigeria 4/18 2012 English cmtry (Paszkiewicz,

2030- 5935- LATVIA- R Latvia International, 2030, fair signal in English
with 5 minute news bulletin then signed off. (Ormandy, New Zealand  Apr
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