[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX May 14
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[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX May 14

        GLENN HAUSER'S SW/DX REPORT 98-23, May 14, 1998

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 941. Changes at RFPI; R. Asia Canada
now on SW to NAm; recordings of KDSX and WNML X-band; new Costa
Rican; Sahara wants reports; Arabs' poor modulation; new Sudan
clandestine; Turkey wants modulation reports; Laos press RTTY;
where is New Star?; PNG station closed; and many of the items
below (Hauser)

BELARUS. In answer to your query about Belarus, I can confirm 
that English programming from Radio Belarus International or 
Radio Minsk (they use both IDs) is NOT religious (Dave Kenny, 
BBCM via Hauser)  

CANADA [non]. R. Asia Canada heard here with good but not ear-
busting signals on 11845 and 9815 until 2400* May 12, immediately 
switching at *0000 to 11925 and 7325, until about 0157* Their 
website says there is also a morning transmission at 1000-1400 UT 
weekdays, but it's vague about the frequencies and not heard on 
any of the above when checked around 1100 on May 13; and to be
continuous from 0400 UT Sat to 0400 UT Monday. Also says they
plan to start SAm service, and they have something for every
continent, even if it is a 170-MHz band transmission in Australia.
During the hour I listened, it was mostly music during the second
half, mostly talk in the first half, with frequent IDs in passing
spoken in English. Just how many Tamil-speakers are there around 
the world, especially in Canada and USA, to make this a viable 
service? It's another minority-to-minority service, oddity like 
Vietnam broadcasting to NAm in Laotian via Russia, i.e. a 
language which is not native either to the sending or target
country (Glenn Hauser, OK)

COSTA RICA. RFPI's 15049-AM was a bit stronger than 21460 on 
May 11 after 1800 so I suspect it's now up to full 30 kW power.
But is the loss of USB on 15050 or any other frequency worth it?
QSY UT Tue May 12 took only two minutes from very good 15049 at 
0006 until poor and noisy 7385 came up at 0008--this is 
definitely too early to make the switch, leaving us with no 
alternative to 7385 during a lot of summer evening daylight and 
T-storm static. May 11 around 1100-1300 I was checking 15050 and 
was hearing AIR India mostly with music, not too strong, but any 
signal at all from them is a sign of new, improved conditions 
(Tashkent was also in until 1228* in English on 17775, 15295!) 
and if RFPI had been on the air then, there would have been a 
nasty het to match the one on 7385 with China.
    RFPI kept 15049-AM on past 0730 UT Thu May 14, and
it was booming in, much better than 7385 would have been with 
QRN, hets. Including Continent of Media at 0700, loud and clear.
After 0745 some transmitter breaks happened, and finally off 
after 0800, but I really should be sleeping instead. Very 
successful experiment, and I hope RFPI will keep it up for summer/
rising sunspot cycle tho on disturbed dates it may not work. BTW, 
the only other station on 15050 is All India Radio, with which 
RFPI could clash now, in some parts of the world, and around 0500 
there was a barely-detectable het, presumably from this (Glenn
Hauser, OK)

CUBA. RHC's USB frequency to Europe turns out to be 13750, not
13740 as Coro originally said it would be, //13715 AM around 2100 
in English May 9. Could clash with TIAWR but not on then (Hauser,

ECUADOR. On May 9's DX Partyline, Ken MacHarg introduced Allan
Graham as his successor; Graham's voice is familiar from reading
various segments on the show already (Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 941)

FRANCE. Wolfgang Bueschel sends a complete frequency sked for RFI 
showing that for English at 1200, 15530 is indeed French Guiana,
and //15540 is Moyabi, Gabon (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 941)

GERMANY. DW has mailed a questionnaire to subscribers to its
English-language program guide which was cancelled at the
beginning of 1998 in favor of program info via Internet only.
Now they are offering a biannual "English Programme" by P-mail
to replace the quarterly "tune in"; people wanting a free
subscription must send back a request by June 30 (via Gigi Lytle,

IRELAND [non]. There will be two special SW transmissions from
Ireland's national broadcaster, RTE, dealing with the results
of the referendum on the peace agreement in Northern Ireland.

Sat May 23, one hour at: 1700 on 9665,15605, 17695; 1800 on 11785; 2000 
on 15515; 2200 on 7180, 13705.

Sun May 24, another one-hour program: 1200 on 17665; 1300 on
15625; 1400 on 9810; 1600 on 9665, 15105; 1800 on 11785; 2000
on 15515 (Wesley Boyd, RTE, May 12, updape May 13 via Hauser)

As usual no sites;  probably match the Tue/Wed Worlds Apart show--DTK 
and RSA (Hauser)

MONACO [non], CYPRUS [non], FRANCE [non]. R. Monte Carlo, Arabic
via Sackville 0300-0320 on 9755 was rumored to be quitting as of
three weeks ago, but it's still there and the // has changed 
from 5960 to 6040 (Bill Westenhaver, RCI, May 13 via Hauser)

PORTUGAL. The hams were hopping Friday night due to a noisy
intruder on 14245, extremely distorted broadcast station 
including music. George McClintock found it to be //9570, which 
I then identified as RDP International. In the 2300-0330 period, 
the other current scheduled frequencies are 11770, 11840, 13640 
(or maybe testing 13635) and 13760. None of these work out to be 
2A-B mixing products on 14245, so what I suspect happened was RDP
failing miserably to tune up a transmitter on 13 MHz, which is 
new to them, and where I could not find them at all. Remains to
be seen if this will happen again, or on the same frequency. But
the 14245 blob was not to be heard the next night. Tnx to William 
R. Wilkins for the new RDP sked which just came in (Glenn Hauser,

TIMOR EAST [non]. The East Timor International Support Group in 
Darwin, Australia, plans to build a station called R. Free East
Timor, to broadcast 1 hour a day in Tetum, Bahasa Indonesia; and
to link up with Indonesian pro-democracy movement; RealAudio too.
See http://www.easttimor.com (Clandestine Radio Watch via Bill
Matthews, TIAWR Wavescan May 11 via Hauser) Hope this isn't a put
-on, too. Why build a station for such little airtime? Would make 
a lot more sense to rent time somewhere. BTW, Timor dissident and 
Nobel Prize Recipient Jose Horta was profiled on a recent This
American Life on PRI--his dream is to be the Howard Stern of 
Timor (Glenn Hauser)                                      ###

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