Re: [HCDX]: FM Studio Links 26Mhz
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Re: [HCDX]: FM Studio Links 26Mhz

>Do someone have a list of FM Studio Link Xmtr's from the U.S.A. ?

I only have these:

1) WFLA's (Tampa FL) studio link on 25870 NFM.
2) Portland, Oregon (always on the air, but not always with modulation) on 25.950 Mhz. "Sunny 1520", call?
3) FL WJFP West Palm Beach (91.1 and 107.1 FM) heard on 26470 NBFM.
4) WTVN, Columbus, OH 26250

Have heard only the latter and in Europe and in 1989. Will try this year and next in Taiwan, but transpacific reception is not easy here.


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