[HCDX]: logs: MW: 19 - 20 MAY 1998
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[HCDX]: logs: MW: 19 - 20 MAY 1998

(logs 19 - 20 MAY 1998: file=DX980520.LOG)
MAINE COAST after-work road-trip report

Report from Mark Connelly - Times / dates = UTC / 1998

e-mail = WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

[Connelly*O-ME] = Ogunquit, ME
(GC= 70.598 W / 43.25 N)
(River Road, near Beach Street: beach parking area)

Receiver: Drake R8A

Antenna system - BBL-1 broadband loop and MFJ-1024 whip 
(as cardioid array); Superphaser-1 phasing unit



549   ALGERIA, Les Trembles, MAY 20 0057 - woman in AA; poor
to fair. [Connelly*O-ME]

612   SPAIN / MOROCCO, MAY 20 0056 - jumbled messy mix of 
SS and AA talk. [Connelly*O-ME]

621   CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN, RNE1 synchros, MAY 20 0055 - 
SS talk // 639; poor. [Connelly*O-ME]

639   SPAIN, RNE1, La Coruna et al., MAY 20 0054 - SS discussion;
loud. [Connelly*O-ME]

711   WESTERN SAHARA, Laayoune, MAY 20 0052 - AA talk;
through tough T-storm static (QRN). [Connelly*O-ME]

765   SENEGAL, Dakar, MAY 20 0049 - male AA vocal; over fast
SAH that was presumably from Switzerland under. [Connelly*O-ME]

891   ALGERIA, Algiers, MAY 20 0047 - AA music at low audio 
level on a strong carrier. [Connelly*O-ME]

1044   MOROCCO, Sebaa-Aioun, MAY 19 2352 - AA vocal; rising
through QRN.  The static crashes seemed pretty strong
considering that no clouds were in view. [Connelly*O-ME]

1044   SPAIN, SER synchros, MAY 20 0041 - SER SS newstalk
and telephone interview; over others. [Connelly*O-ME]

1089   UNITED KINGDOM, Talk Radio synchros, MAY 20 0040 -
excited EE teletalk.  To strong peaks (but with choppy fades
at times); WBAL in cardioid array phase-null. [Connelly*O-ME]

1098   SLOVAKIA / SPAIN, MAY 20 0038 - even-strength battle
between Slavic music and SS talk; a bad growl resulted from
the frequency difference of about 50 Hz. [Connelly*O-ME]

1107   SPAIN, RNE5 synchros, MAY 20 0036 - two men in SS;
LOUD ! [Connelly*O-ME]

1125   SPAIN, RNE5 synchros, MAY 20 0036 - fast SS talk; poor.

1134   CROATIA, HR, Zadar, MAY 20 0035 - initially dominating
the channel with a Slavic folk vocal.  Then it faded under 
Spain. [Connelly*O-ME]

1134   SPAIN, COPE synchros, MAY 20 0036 - SS teletalk; rising
atop Croatia. [Connelly*O-ME]

1152   SPAIN, RNE5 synchros, MAY 20 0032 - man in SS; fair.
Jumble of other stuff noted under. [Connelly*O-ME]

1179   SPAIN // CANARY ISLANDS, SER synchros, MAY 20 0111 -
SER net SS teletalk; fair to good with WHAM phased. 

1215   UNITED KINGDOM, Virgin R. synchros, MAY 20 0113 - rock
music; just over Spain and barely covering the static crashes.

1251   LIBYA, Tripoli, MAY 20 0113 - man in AA; poor to fair
in tough (hard to null) WKBR/WARE/WMTR slop. [Connelly*O-ME]

1296   SPAIN, COPE, Valencia, MAY 20 0023 - man & woman with
SS teletalk; good. [Connelly*O-ME]

1314   SPAIN, RNE5 synchros, MAY 20 0114 - bits of SS talk;
in tough CKEC-1320 slop.  Other signal (Norway or UAE ?) noted
under. [Connelly*O-ME]
1349   MAURITANIA, R. Mauritanie, Nouakchott, MAY 19 2325 -
het, bits of female vocal: at pre-sunset fade-up.  First TA
signal noted this afternoon. [Connelly*O-ME]

1422   ALGERIA, Algiers, MAY 20 0012 - AA violins; poor at
first, then the carrier got strong, but the audio was still
at a low level. [Connelly*O-ME]

1512   SAUDI ARABIA, BSKSA, Jeddah, MAY 20 0116 - AA male
Koranic a cappella vocal; EXCELLENT signal - about equal to
WNRB-1510 !  The huge strength of this so late in the DX 
season really surprised me.  The 0100-0130 UTC slot seems 
to be the optimum time for Middle East propagation during 
spring and summer. [Connelly*O-ME]
1548   KUWAIT, VOA, Kuwait City, MAY 20 0117 - VOA program
with US EE talk by man; to fair peaks, well over the British 
stations.  It was close to dawn on the Kuwait end of the path.

1550   ALGERIA - CLANDESTINE, Tindouf, MAY 19 2332 - bongo
drums, oud-like string instrument, and a group of women
shouting and singing in a Berber tribal style.  HUGE signal,
way over a US station that had a baseball game.  This was
definitely the loudest pre-sunset TA. [Connelly*O-ME]

1584   SPAIN / CEUTA, MAY 20 0018 - Spain with SER newstalk
and Ceuta with music "duked it out" at even strength.  Tough
static and CBJ slop at times. [Connelly*O-ME]

1602   SPAIN, EI, Vitoria, MAY 20 0117 - mellow SS pop vocal;
good, way over the SER SS talker.  No sign of Ascension Island
that Neil Kazaross heard from here in the '80s. [Connelly*O-ME]


1110   VENEZUELA, YVQT, Carupano, MAY 20 0037 - R. Carupano 
ID, SS talk; fair over a low rumble.  In general, the Latin 
Americans were on the weak side tonight.  Even 535 and the 
other Caribbean splits were barely making it. [Connelly*O-ME]
1375   ST. PIERRE ET MIQUELON, RFO, MAY 19 2330 - man with 
FF teletalk; fair.  Groundwave reception at this site is
possible (day signal at noise threshold). [Connelly*O-ME]

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