Re: [HCDX]: Palstar AA30
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Re: [HCDX]: Palstar AA30

I have recently bought the AA30 into which I feeed a long wire of 15m. I originally decided that this might be a good solution for me as In live in an apartment and have very little possibility of running a permanenetly fixed wire. However, the telescopic antenna that comes with the unit, I have found to be of very little use; it seemed even to struggle picking up a very strong BBC World Service signal here in Malaysia. Since then I have found a way of fixing a permanenet long wire and found that the AA3 has come into a new lease of life. It really does help my FRG-100 pick out some incredibly weak signals. Whilst the gain and band selection are purposeful and responsive, the peak tune facility takes a lot of getting used to - I have spent an enormous amount of time 'listening' for strongest moments!
I am pleased with the purchase - it now does precisely what I want it to - but if you need a telescopic...forget it!

I am thinking of purchasing a Palstar AA30 active antenna matcher to improve my reception.

I am wondering if any of you use one of these and have any thoughts you might like to share with me on it.