Re: [HCDX]: Unid African 6265 please help
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Re: [HCDX]: Unid African 6265 please help

>I have the idea that they use both 6165 and 6265, the latter for Radio One
>progs.. perhaps someone closer to the scene can clarify this for us.
>73s Paul

Hello Paul,

here are the African entries of the frequencies of interest from the
Tropical Band List. As this list is updated permanently, it should reflect
the recent situation in the rapidly changing tropical bands better than a
yearly book of reference like WRTH and PWBR can.

ZNBC Lusaka, HS 2: o245-221o E, ID: "Zambia National Broadcasting
Corporation - Radio Two", // 6265 for E nx
(mentioned in DXW 104 2/98)

Radiodiffusion Nat. Tchadienne, N´djamena, irr o43o-o6oo, 183o-22oo (Sa
23oo) in F/A, alt. 712o
(mentioned in DXW 99 1/98)

ZNBC Lusaka, HS 1: o245-221o Vn, ID: "Zambia National Broadcasting
Corporation - Radio One", // 6165 for E nx
(mentioned in EDXP 83 3/98)

BTW: The TBL database is also available as part of the Tropical Band
Manager, a software for the Windows 3.x/95/NT platforms. It will be
available in an English version 1.5 soon; version 1.2 in German is
available already.

Willi Passmann

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