[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #217
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[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #217

This is a different issue than what I sent yesterday!

Howdy all & welcome to PiPa#217! (This is just the cover sheet, PiPa #217
should either be an attached file to this or should follow right after my
own greetings & name). 

Wow, I've actually got this issue out on time. Lessee if I can continue at
this pace!

A MIDWEST SWL GET-TOGETHER?: Tom Sevart passes along word that a few
midwesterners are thinking of organizing a sort of SWL/pirate get-together
somewhere in the midwest, possible Wichita, Kansas City, Tulsa, Lincoln NE
or Omaha NE. Or this event could be a SWL/pirate "DXpedition" at a lake
somewhere in the midwest. Anybody who is interested, or has suggestions, is
requested to provide their input as to what type of event they'd like to
attend to Tom via e-mail. Tom's e-mail address is: tmsevart@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Also, I've heard one of the organizers of this event call it an "all-band"
event--listeners, shortwave pirates, and FM pirates are all invited.

The Summer issue of Hobby Broadcasting should be out in a week--it's at the
printer now and I just saw the printer running through the press this
morning. This issue should wind up on your news stands because of our new
North American distributor. It's 40 pages (25% longer than the Spring
issue), including Ian O'Sphere's feature on the current low-power proposals
before the FCC, an interview with the Voice of the Voyager, AM/MW
transmitters, DYNAKit FM transmitter review, recent convention info, news,
music reviews, classifieds & more. We had a good response at the Dayton
Hamvention, but it was so big that everyone who let us know that they'd be
seeing us, missed us! We're planning to be at the Rochester (NY) hamfest
this coming weekend. Look for us there! For a sample of HB (a year's sub is
$12), send $3 in the US ($4 outside) to: Hobby Broadcasting, PO Box 642,
Mont Alto, PA 17237

PiPa #217   POB 840             5/26/98
      Mont Alto, PA 17237

Dline for #218: Send logs out no later than 6/1

PiPa #217 contains logs from FRW #122/123 + some more

6955U 05-17 2146-2245* Program of rock by Alan Parsons Project, plus some
occas. talk by OM. [242 Zeller-OH][fair Majewski-CT] [good Wolfish-ON](AY,PA)

6955U 05-09 0514-0514 Peter Worth sed got reception report from Australia.

BRITAIN'S BETTER MUSIC STATION-55D Chester Rd, London, England 
6955U 05-10 2259-2350* Mx by Canned Heat, Kate Bush, anncr was Gary Stevens.
Played part of Hauser's World Of Radio. [353 Silvi] [good Majewski-CT] 

6955U 05-14 0307-0329* Major Spook w/"The station that strives to make your
hopes a reality". [s5 McArdle-OK] 
6955U 05-14 0514- MS w/another show after QSOing w/Sr. El Nino. [S7 McArdle-OK] 
6955U 05-18 0239-0317* Major Spook w/first real bcast of the year. "Pete and
Repete" [S9+30 McArdle-OK][251 Crawford-KY] 
6955U 05-20 0359-0426* Major Spook thanks listeners; repeat. [McArdle-OK]

6955U 05-14 0409-0446* "The J Men take on problem after problem, etc."
[strong McArdle-OK] 
6955U 05-18 0337-0445* J Men conquering dope fiends and pirate broadcasters.
[S9+50 then fade McArdle-OK](Entertaining! 222 Pappas,SD)

6955U 05-17 2320-2352* Prgrm of Rap/Soul mx. Slogan "The Shortwave Voice Of
Black Repression". [322 Zeller-OH][good Majewski] [good Wolfish-ON][322

6955U 05-10 0513-0537* No ID, just giggling at end of show. [S8
McArdle-OK](333 Pappas,SD) 
6955U 5/10 *0642-0723* Rock'n'roll show (343 Pappas,SD)

6955 05-09 0248-0302 Repeated the phrase "pack sand up your ass, squeeze
squeeze and pack it". Strange station, maybe the boys at Deliverance Radio
found something new to do! [poor Majewski-CT]

6955 05-10 2355-0030 Bram Stoker W/Program #29 [554 Silvi-OH][453
Frodge-MI][433 Haston-SC][good Majewski-CT](S9+40 555 AY,PA) 
6954.8 05-10 0006-0030 Bram Stoker w/the usual. [poor McArdle-OK] 
6955U 05-16 1912-1948 Program #29; it's good for a man to breast gaze, etc.
[343 Filipkowski-RI][exc. Majewski-CT]

6955U 05-09 0203-0230 18th Month Anniversary w/TV Themes [353 Silvi-OH] [353
Frodge-MI][333 Haston-SC][S9 McArdle-OK] 
6955Uv 5/11 *0457-0533* Steve mann w/"Nx o/t Week" on Clinton sex scandal.
Funny! (333 Pappas,SD) 
6955U 05-12 0424-0437 Prgm about heroin weight loss. [S4 McArdle-OK] 
6955 05-16 2246-2300 "Hotel JTA" by John and The Troopers. [exc.
Majewski-CT][good Wolfish-ON] 
6955.7 05-16 *2236-2302* 18th Month Anniv. replay. [444 Filipkowski-RI] 
6955U 05-17 1600-1614* Repeat show. [344 Filipkowski-RI] 
6955U 05-17 *2250-2351* Steve Mann announcing his running for president in the
year 2000,  and played what sounded like Hotel California and Bob
Marley's "Could you be loved" [242 Zeller-OH][good Majewski-CT](Hudgins,VA)
6955U 05-22 *0337-0346* Steve Mann w/Metallica audio test. [McArdle-OK]

RADIO FOUR--Please QSL all 
6958.4 05-10 0217-0242 Songs "Raspberry Beret", "Machine Head"; loop ID by
YL. WEWN ad, lotsa metal, SP anmnt w/lotsa reverb [333 Haston-SC][S9+20
McArdle-OK](gd AY,PA) 
6955U 05-10 2217-2243 Several IDs, sed would QSL logs in ACE. [554 Silvi-OH]

6955U 05-10 *0631-0640* "Calling All Freebanders RFV is on the air". Talk
about gramophone and those going to the Dayton Hamvention. Into QSOs w/TIE &
Mystery R. [McArdle-OK](333 Pappas,SD) 
6955U 5/10 *0850-0913* 5 songs from the 40s, incl "White Cliffs of Dover"
(222 Pappas,SD) 
6955U 5/10 *0929-0944* 3 swing songs (222/121 Pappas,SD)

6955U 05-22 *0310-0330* Music and the infamous "helllllooooo". [PSE QSL

6955U 05-09 *0238-0306* Joe Momma celebrating "Momma's Day"; motherly tunes.
[333 w/QRM de WACK Frodge-MI][McArdle-OK] 
6955U 05-09 2312-2338 "Momma's Day" repeat. [353 Silvi-OH][232 Haston-SC] 
6955Uv 5/11 *0539-0614* Mother's Day pgm. Funny ads, nice mx, Jeff Foxworthy
comedy (232 Pappas,SD)

6955 05-09 *0345-0430 Bennie Dingo w/rock oldies, address and web site info.
[343 Pimblett-AB][S8 McArdle-OK] 
6955U 05-10 *0400-0501* Bennie Dingo w/Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, etc.
[S9+15 McArdle-OK]

6955U 05-09 1924-1951* Talk about radio; song "Can Find My Way". [252 252
6955U 05-10 *0601-0629* Desperado thanking lots of listeners; told Niel
Wolfish to calm down and have some dip. [S9 McArdle](232 Pappas,SD) 
6955U 5/10 *0728-0806* Eagles mx (333/232 Pappas,SD) 
6955U 5/10 *0915-0929* Swing & boogie woogie mx. @end said "Mr Vinyl, your
turn" (333 Pappas,SD) 
6955U 5/10 *0944-0953* 3 swing songs (333 Pappas,SD) 
6955U 05-16 *0616-0646* Talk about shotguns, mx: Nirvana [good
Russell-MI](443 Pappas,SD) 
6950U 05-17 *0715-0815* QSY to 
6955 at 0754, Craven Melon and other tunes; repeat show. [444 Pearce-VT](333

6955.7 05-16 2312-0014* Irish news, mx, free radio updates, mailbag segment.
[344 Filipkowski-RI][exc. Majewski-CT](232 Brandt,Germany)

6955L 07-17 1806-1811* ID's, "My Ding-a-Ling"; anncr sed to Kiss My Ass.
[252 Zeller-OH]

WACK-possible email: wackradiomail@xxxxxxxx 
6955U 05-09 0231-0328* DJ "Shit Pants" testing. Obscure rock and banter [353
Frodge-MI][232 Haston-SC][McArdle-OK] 
6955U 05-09 *0255-0321* "Live Show From NY" w/888 phone number; came on over
R. Nonsense. [333 Frodge-MI][332 Pimblett-AB] 
6955U 05-09 0435-0535* AD "American Bimbo Collection"; patching thru phone
calls. [PSE QSL McArdle-OK] 
6955U 05-11 0117-0457 IDs, live show, gave 888-479-7480 for listeners to
call in to. [454 Silvi-OH][343 Frodge-MI][454 Hunsicker-PA][555
Arthur-NY](222 Pappas,SD) 
6955U 05-16 0325-0326* Toll free # no longer works, uses email address
instead. See above. [McArdle-OK]

WARR-No Valid Drop 
6955U 05-09 0122-0151 Usual stuff from Captain No Beard. [252 Silvi-OH][353
Hunsicker-PA][333 Haston-SC] [232 Haston-SC][McArdle-OK](AY,PA) 
6955U 05-17 0124-0142* Cptn NoBeard playing late '60s mx like Joe Cocker and
Janice Joplin. [poor Majewski-CT](3/243-Kusalik/ALB)

WBNY-No Maildrop 
6955 05-10 0012-0014 ID [343 Hunsicker-PA] 
6954.6 05-10 0107-0122 Warning To Rodents program. [343 Haston-SC]

6954.8 05-09 2003-2026* Talk about Xmas, sed he had two discs, one in each
paw. [252 Hunsicker-PA][454, nice audio, Arthur-NY] 
6955 05-18 2309-2335 Mx by Deep Purple, ID. [poor Majewski-CT][131 Haston-SC]

6955U 05-16 0114-0150* Deep voiced OM w/prgm of old R&B tunes. [343

6955U 05-09 0000-0047 Fifth Anniversary Show; P.J. thanked NAPRS for for
relaying early shows. [332 Silvi-OH][Hunsicker-PA](AY,PA) [333 Haston-SC][S9
McArdle-OK][251 Crawford-KY] 
6955 05-11 0031-0118* 5TH Ann. Show; funny testicular injuries.[454
Frodge-MI] [343 Silvi-OH][544 Hunsicker-PA]

6955U 05-09 0048-0118* Old songs w/death as a theme "Tell Laura I Love Her",
"Dead Man's Curve", etc. [443 Hunsicker-PA][333 Haston-SC][McArdle-OK](Gd
6955U 05-09 2249-2318 Several IDs. [353 Silvi-OH][232 Haston-SC](VG AY,PA)

6955U 5/8 0300 approx Lotsa 60s pop/rock w/no IDs (AY,PA) 
6955U 5/8 2349 metal song (AY,PA) 
6955U 05-12 0438-0446 "Swingtown" by Steve Miller. [McArdle-OK] 
6956 05/12-13 2355-0014 Old Jack Benny Radio shows. [good Majewski-CT](AY,PA) 
6955U 05-13 0018-0042 C&W mx, then into AM mode at 0026 w/Charlie McCarthy
radio show. [good Majewski-CT] 
6955.1U 05-14 0226-0300* Inst. dance mx. [S5 McArdle-OK] 
6955U 05-15 0003-0005 "Walking On The Sun" by Smashmouth. [exc. Majewski-CT] 
6955.6 05-16 2359-0014* Talk and mx [S7 McArdle-OK] 
6956.6U 05-17 0102-0119* Johnny Cash tunes. [S5+ McArdle-OK][good Wolfish-ON]
6955U 05-17 0144-0151* Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins tunes & 'Johnny Yuma--The
Rebel' (clip from TV series) [poor Majewski-CT](3/443/4--Kusalik/AB)
6954.8U 05-17 0239-0245 Non-stop cowboy mx, including "El Paso" 'Kansas
City", 'Red Eye on his Face' [poor in noise
6955U 05-17 1552- Something on Pot w/dentist drill SoundFX. [weak Majewski-CT] 
6955U 05-17 1858-1923 Program of rock w/OM ancrs. Gave IDs and Providence
address. [242 Zeller-OH][151 Crawford-KY] 
6954.7U 05-17 2130-2202* Strange rock mx, almost like chanting; BRS address
given. [242 Zeller-OH][121 Haston-SC] 
6955U 05-17 2243-2245* Europirate Station? [251 Crawford-KY] 
6955U 05-18 0210-0219* Distorted audio, talk/mx [S9+15 McArdle-OK] 
6955 05-18 *0355- Long drama/comedy skits. [111 Pearce-VT] 
6955U 05-18 0412-0439 Bizarre drama about War On Pot. [fair Russell-MI] 
6954.5U 05-21 0017-0046* Oldies; tin can audio [544 Crawford-KY] 
6954.9U 05-22 0255-0309* Distorted audio, tape of station? [McArdle-OK]

QSLs ..... Betty Boop Radio, 
6955, full data sheet (#33) in 87 days for report to Providence. [Zeller-OH]
Same in 3 months. [Russell-MI] Design #1 in 106 days [McArdle-OK]

Free Hope Experience, QSL card in 59 days for report to Belfast. [McArdle-OK]

Jerry Rigged Radio, 9965U, yellow skull/crossbones partial data QSL

K2000, QSL card in 53 days for report to Stoneham. [McArdle-OK]

Take It Easy Radio, QSL certificate, note from Desperado, bumper stickers in
103 days. [McArdle-OK]

Voice of Anarchy 
6955, Two blue "Certificates of Reception", one for report to BRS, the other
for a FRW log, in 3 months. Also received copy of Chicago Sun-Times article
on proposed 2000 ft Chicago TV tower, and info on "Hobby Broadcasting"
magazine. [Pimblett-AB]

The Voice of Hell, received a n/d QSL Sheet for a rpt posted in the ACE.
[Neal] no data color sheet. [Crawford-KY] no data color sheet. [Haston-SC]

"Looks like activity has picked up over the last few weeks. I think I heard
a pirate station every night I listened as I dozed off to sleep. Too bad I
don't log those stations." - Matt Haston

Contributors to #217: Arthur-NY, Brandt,Germany; Crawford-KY, Deeley,UK;
Filipkowski-RI, Frodge-MI, Haston-SC, Hudgins,VA; Hunsicker-PA, Lobdell,MA;
Majewski-CT, McArdle-OK, Neal,TX; Pappas,SD; Pearce-VT, Pimblett-AB,
Russell-MI, Silvi-OH, Walker,UK; Wolfish-ON, Zeller-OH & AY,PA 

PLEASE QSL ADDRESSES. If you want your name removed, let us know.
John T. Arthur: 7994 Rte 19 Belfast, NY 14711
Chas. Crawford: 1763 Turnagain Drive, Henderson, KY 42420
Joe Filipkowski: 28 Mill Wheel Road, Warwick, RI 02886
Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland, MI  48642
William Hassig: 102 N. Russel St., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Matt Haston: 22 Jamestowne Commons, Taylors, SC  29687
Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing, PA 19610-2102
R & T Jurrens: 19107 Winding Trail Lane, Katy, TX  77449
Edward Kusalik: 2117-10 Street "A", Coaldale, Alberta, CANADA  T1M 1B6
Chris Lobdell: Box 146, Stoneham, MA   02180
Greg Majewski: 1176 Route 163, Oakdale CT 06370
Scott McArdle: 3500 S. Boulevard, Ste.18C, Edmond,OK 73013
Marina Pappas: 366 3rd St SE, Huron, SD 57350
Nigel Pimblett: 1146 Queen Street, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 1B4, Canada
Larry Russell: 420 Warren Avenue, Flushing, MI  48433
Lee Silvi: Box 982, Mentor, OH 44061
Niel Wolfish: 112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 4B7, Canada
Andrew Yoder: Box 642, Mont Alto, PA 17237
George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH  44111

Belfast: Box 1, Belfast, NY 14711
BRS: Box 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
Providence: Box 28413, Providence, RI 02908
Stoneham: Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180
Ventura: Box 5617, Ventura, CA  93025

>From Rainer Brandt in Germany:
FREQ.   STATION                 HOURS / UTC     PROGRAMME/INFO          SINPO
May 17th, 1998 (Sunday)
5773    R.Pamela                12.55-          E, pops                 23322
5805.3  R.Free London (RFL)     08.50-          E, pops                 33333
5817.2  unid                    09.50-          E, IDs, rock music      22222
5817.2  Britain's Better Mx Stn 12.50-          G,E, IDs, pops          22222
6200    R.Pandora               07.58-          E, IDs, pops            33333
6210    R.Free East Coast(WREC) 09.05-09.32*    E, 5th anniversary,jokes44333
6219    Laser Hot Hits          08.58-          E, pops                 22222
6231.9  R.Perfekt               10.06-          G, country music, QRM   33333
6233.3  Freestyle R.            10.30-          G, greetings            33333
6250.3  unid                    10.20-          E, SRS promotion        23322
6251.2  R.Free Willy            07.53-          G, Siggi S. as a guest  33333
6270    unid                    09.58*-10.03    ?, non stop music test  44444
6281.7  R.Free Willy            08.55-          G, 2nd anniversary      44333
7120    R.Sparks                14.45-          E, US station cuts      43433
7480    Crazy Wave R.           10.40-          G, IDs // 11515         23322
11515U  Crazy Wave R.           10.40-          G, IDs, pops with Chris 44444

KIWI RADIO from New Zealand is going to do some voice tests to the world on
Saturday, May 23rd on 7475 kHz USB at 08.00 UTC. Take the chance for a very
rare QSL these years.

Hot weather again here, 30 degrees, I had to go swimming with the family, so
only a few logs of the aboves are mine, most of them came from friends only.

73, Rainer

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