[HCDX]: MW RSL on 1575 Next Week?
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[HCDX]: MW RSL on 1575 Next Week?

Hi All,

	Following my posting about the unidentified test on Sunday I received 
a reply via the MWC List from a friend in the Oldham area who was at a local
Radio Caroline Organisation meeting on Monday. One of the other guys there
said he worked at Calderdale Sound, and yes they were doing a 28 day RSL
starting next week sometime. 
	Interesting that they should choose a MW broadcast after 6 successful
FM broadcasts. Something I suspect may be connected with the possible 'sallie'
licence to be offered to the Burnley area (not far from Calderdale, and the
same group ran the previous RSLs there (2BR)!). A MW transmitter could easily
cover this very hilly and fairly rural terrain covering both areas far easier 
than one (or several) FM transmitters. Coverage area would probably be
to that of Yorkshire Dales Radio I guess. Maybe we'll see more RSL broadcasts 
on MW here, and perhaps one day a full time one.

	For the benefit of our overseas members (and the 'German Firm' who will
no doubt be interested) Calderdale Sound are located in the town of Todmorden
in West Yorkshire, and this is approximately 22km west of where the Bradford
RSL stations - Bantam, Touchdown, ALR etc. are located. I don't have an
for this station yet, but I'll listen out for one when they come on air.
	There may be another short MW RSL from the Oldham area in early July, 
but until the broadcast and go ahead are confirmed by the Radio Authority I'll
have to refrain from posting the details for the time being. If it does get 
the go ahead I will very likely be QSL Manager for this station so I will post
full information on all relevant lists at that time.

		73 for now Alan.

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