[HCDX]: SAm Pirate Activitie
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[HCDX]: SAm Pirate Activitie


-Times UTC

*Radio Cochiguaz will be active again with his pirate activity on the
 next weekend 6 and 7 June 1998 with a 1/2 wave V inverted dipole
 antenna on LSB mode relaying some free radio stations from   somewhere here in South America.

-On Sat 6 June 1998

 6980 khz LSB	2345(Fri)-0045	Star Club Radio
 6950 khz LSB	0100-0200	Voice of South Dublin
		0215-0315	Radio Marabu
		0330-0430	Star Club Radio

-On Sun 7 June 1998

 6980 khz LSB	2000-2100	Star Club Radio
		2115-2215	Radio Marabu
		2230-2330	Voice of South Dublin
		2345-0045 (Mon)	Radio Marabu

73 and FFFR !
Cachito Mamani

Email: radio.cochiguaz@xxxxxxx  &   rc@xxxxxxxxx

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