[HCDX]: Greyline DX...
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[HCDX]: Greyline DX...

Paul Ormandy wrote:
> Hi to Vince and anyone else in keeping up to date with Australian and New
> Zealand DX news... there is a user-group based in NZ, run by Andy Gardner
> called "Greyline DX"... if you're interested in joining, send an e-mail to
> subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxx and in the body of the message, ask Andy to put you
> on the Greyline distribution list - remember to specify Greyline as there
> are three other lists, Ripple - SW, Tropo - FM/TV and one for NZRDXL
> members.
> 73s Paul

Thanx 4 the info. Also a belated thanks for the help in getting 6GS
QSL'ed - one of my best ones yet...

As far as NZ on MW goes, a pipedream so far, but I'm still trying. A
trip to the South Coast might help.....

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