[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's DX Report June 4
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[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's DX Report June 4

      GLENN HAUSER'S SW/DX REPORT 98-25, June 4, 1998

earlier, Fridays; receivers on sale; new Crane catalog; QSL
card URL; VOA's new format; X-band news; CBC comedy changes;
R. Asia Canada new schedule; Portugal keeps changing frequency
for Timor; English from Kazakhstan; coronal mass ejections;
and many of the stories below (Hauser)

CONTINENT OF MEDIA, the new June edition, should start June 5
exclusviely on RFPI--Fri 1930, Sat 0330, 1030, 1730, Sun 0130,
0830, Wed 2300, Thu 0700 on some of: 7385, 15049, 21460. For a
topic summary see 
http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/com9805.html (Hauser)

CANADA. Checking out all VOA frequencies in anticipation of 
segment "C" of Communications World Sat May 30 at 1503, 6160 had
news in English but it turned out to be CBC, no doubt Vancouver
but unusual over daylight path here (Glenn Hauser, OK)

CZECH REPUBLIC. From June 2, the English transmissions of R.
Prague at 0700, 0900 and 1030 will be suspended for technical
reasons (Edwin Southwell, England, May 31, WORLD OF RADIO 943)

GERMANY. I was also surprised to hear Brother Stair on 3945. 
Deutsche Telekom has departed from its traditional conservatism 
in frequency selection here. As was rightly pointed out, 3945 is 
not allocated to broadcasting in Region 1. 3945 is particularly 
touchy, because the nearby 3943.5 has been reserved for the 
French military, and NATO activity has also been noted close by. 
I recall that IRRS Milan tried using 3945 under a loophole in the 
ITU regulations (like BBC 9410 does) many years ago, but was 
jammed heavily as a not-too-subtle invitation to get off! So far, 
DT has been getting away with it, so one assumes that some sort 
of understanding has been reached, no doubt helped by the 
substantial dollars/marks flowing in from Brother Stair!  As for 
the ham radio protests, I'm afraid Brother Stair is technically 
right: the amateur service has no claim to 3945 in Region 1. On 
the bottom line, according to ITU agreements, DT/Brother Stair 
may continue to occupy 3945 unless higher priority services 
officially complain within 30 days. I don't think this will 
happen, because of the reasons mentioned above. (Bob Zanotti, 
RADIO 943)

IRELAND [non]  RTE update TARGETS and more...
The following is based on info taken from a page at RTE's 
Aertel teletext site, where fresh SW stuff can occasionally 
be found:


It has the TARGETS for the RTE Referendum Specials.
I have also added in the tx-site info received from RTE's
Wesley Boyd and arranged the lot in chronological order.

Sat May 23, one hour prog:
UT      kHz     Target          Tx site
1700    9665    EAf             Meyerton 
1700    11605   N/C/SAf         Juelich  
1700    17695   NAm             Sackville
1800    11785   WAf             Juelich 
2000    15515   SAm             Juelich
2200    7180    Australia       Singapore
2200    13705   SEAsia          Irkutsk

Sun May 24, one hour prog:

1200    17665   SEAs            Irkutsk
1300    15625   Australia       Juelich
1400    9810    NAm             Sackville
1600    9665    EAf             Meyerton
1600    15105   N/C/SAf         Juelich 
1800    11785   WAf             Juelich
2000    15515   SAm             Juelich

Finally, some tech-info for hardened buffs:

1. Meyerton:     250 kW on Sat, 500 kW on Sun.
2. Sackville:    250 kW
3. Irkutsk:      250 kW
4. Singapore:    100 kW
5. Juelich:      100 kW.

1 - 4 above: Merlin, UK.
5 above: Deutsche Telekom, Germany.
(Finbarr O'Driscoll, Ireland, May 20, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

ISLE OF MAN. The Isle of Man is gearing up for the annual T.T.
(Tourist Trophy) motorcycle festival, beginning June 1.  For the
duration of the 13 day festival period the local radio station,
Manx Radio, runs Radio TT on its 1368 kHz frequency while
regular programming continues on fm.  Radio TT will be simulcast 
on Internet at the following url: http://www.radiott.com starting 
04:00 June 1. The main feature of the festival will be the TT 
races which were first held in 1907. The first race in this 
year's event is scheduled for 13:00 June 6. [could be BST, not
UT? -gh]  - (Peter Hallam, Carrickfergus, N. Ireland, RIB)

U K O G B A N I. BBCWS was affected by a 24-hour strike June 4
(Hauser) BBC WS UT Thu June 4 at 0100 had only 5 minutes of news 
instead of Newsdesk, and at 0105 started Assignment instead; 
Britain Today also replaced by something else at 0045 (Joe Hanlon, 
PA, via Hauser)

PEGGY THOMPSON died May 25 after kidney failure and a heart
attack, says her husband Steven (via Thornton). If she wasn't one
of the original founders of SPEEDX, she must have been awfully
close to it...I'm sure that she had just about every job there 
ever was to do in the club, including president of the board of
directors, column editor etc. If anyone wants to send a sympathy 
card to the family it should be addressed to Mr. Steven Thompson, 
2706 Alabama St., La Crescenta CA 91214-2925 (Don Thornton via
Hauser)                                                       ###

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