[HCDX]: Re: 7 days before wedding
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[HCDX]: Re: 7 days before wedding

Well, I guess I'll hop into this discussion. Back in 1985, I did not 
take a communications receiver on my honeymoon, just a little Sony 
ICF- 7600D. However, our honeymoon was 6 1/2 months of vagabonding in 
South America during which I or we (she didn't always come along) 
visited around 60-70 radio stations. This included about two weeks in 
some very remote areas of Cajamarca Department, Peru, far from the 
nearest telephone, paved road, or other convenience, where the only 
thing of any interest to a foreign traveler would be visiting the 
radio stations (we were the first foreigners in Cutervo in about 20 
years). After that, things could only get better, which I guess is 
why she's still with me thirteen years later, ;-).

If you haven't already, check into my website for some articles from 
the trip.

Don Moore   moore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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