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Re: [HCDX]: Re: 7 days before wedding

"Me too!"

My wife and I travelled for a year through Asia after getting married.  I
took a 7600D along AND did monitoring for VOA while I was on an
'intermittent appointment' from my job there!

There's NOTHING wrong with taking a radio along on a honeymoon ... it's
important to know when to stop listening to the radio and start paying
attention to your mate however!




At 12:32 PM -0600 6/10/98, Don Moore wrote:
>Well, I guess I'll hop into this discussion. Back in 1985, I did not
>take a communications receiver on my honeymoon, just a little Sony
>ICF- 7600D. However, our honeymoon was 6 1/2 months of vagabonding in
>South America during which I or we (she didn't always come along)
>visited around 60-70 radio stations. This included about two weeks in
>some very remote areas of Cajamarca Department, Peru, far from the
>nearest telephone, paved road, or other convenience, where the only
>thing of any interest to a foreign traveler would be visiting the
>radio stations (we were the first foreigners in Cutervo in about 20
>years). After that, things could only get better, which I guess is
>why she's still with me thirteen years later, ;-).
>If you haven't already, check into my website for some articles from
>the trip.
>Don Moore   moore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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