[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX June 11
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[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX June 11


NEW TIME FOR WORLD OF RADIO ON WWCR: Sun 0930 on 5070. This should work 
well in most of NAm, Pacific, parts of Caribbean, CAm, SAm (Hauser)

WORLD OF RADIO on WAVESCAN. A special 12-minute WOR segment has been 
prepared for AWR Wavescan, at the invitation of Adrian Peterson. Exact 
airdate not yet decided, but in the next few 
weeks. This is material which has not appeared on regular WOR
editions. In North America, the most reliable source of Wavescan
is TIAWR, UT Monday 0000 on 9725 and others (Hauser)

BELGIUM. Thanks to Frans Vossen for giving the CONTINENT OF MEDIA and 
WORLD OF RADIO schedules on the June 7 RVI Radio World, Sun 1235 on 
15545, weak but audible here. Some other DX shows and publications 
ignore the info I send them periodically, or
delete all info about COM! (Hauser)

BULGARIA. The PanIview guys, who do a good job of keeping track
of other stations' variations, may want to note this: R. Bulgaria
DX program in English at 1153 June 6, including SWBC DX tips,  
found on 15175.9 hetting Greece on 15175.0 whose signal increased 
during the show as it was about to start NAm service. RB went off 
at 1200:30*. June 8 recheck at 1155, RB back on 15175.0 (Glenn 
Hauser, OK)

CANADA. You'd be interested to know that CJAD-800 reactivated on 
800 kHz as of 8 AM EDT on Friday, 29 May.  That was their first 
presence on their long-time frequency since the morning of 9 
January, when the ice storm felled all four of their towers.  
They're still simulcasting on 990 kHz, but that will probably 
only last for a week more, according to reports in the Montreal 
GAZETTE.  The word is that when CKGM retakes their 990 frequency, 
they'll come back with an oldies format, replacing their old 
"Talk Radio With Attitude" format, which was going absolutely 
nowhere in the ratings. Will keep you posted (Bill Westenhaver, 

CHILE [non]. R. Voz Cristiana, 21550, booming in June 8 at 1301
check; finally something instead of music tests. Now a demo tape
of "En Compania", which will be their morning magazine show. I
know it's a demo since kept fading segments out, and the whole
thing repeated a few minutes later. Included F-only sample temps 
for Asuncion. Sounds ambitious, with lots of segments aimed at 
women, such as "La Mujer de Hoy en America Latina" (Glenn Hauser, OK)

FRANCE. RFI English at 1200 on 15530 via Guiana was absent on 
June 6 for the entire hour, barely audible on //15540 Gabon. One
feared another permanent cutback, but it returned June 7 at usual
super-strength (Glenn Hauser, OK)
IRAQ. R. Iraq Int'l, 11785, June 6 at 0300-0340+; tune-in to
English news by woman until 0303, then Mid-east music, English
commentary, ID. Program at 0315 with listeners' letters/
reception reports. Surprisingly good, clear audio. Still had
hum but was perfectly readable with no distortion. But weak
co-channel QRM from unID station with Koran & talk in language
(Brian Alexander, PA, WORLD OF RADIO 944) 

NIGERIA [non]. R. Nadeco, via WWCR, has changed to a weekly
broadcast, Wed 1930 on 15685, Sun 0800 on 5070 (Ask WWCR June 8 via 
Hauser) Still 15 minutes; the 0800 will obviously not 
propagate to Nigeria. With the sudden death of Abacha, bet NADECO wish 
they had kept going weekdays on old schedule (Hauser)

U A E. UAE Radio, Dubai, 15400, May 31 0329- English opening
announcements giving 15400, 13675, 12005; 0330 news, program
about Jersualem. Heard // 13675, 12005; best on 13675 (Brian
Alexander, PA, WORLD OF RADIO 944)

U K O G B A N I. Contrary to BBC On Air, a late-scheduled special 
pre-empts the 1700 airing of Heritage this Sunday June 14 on AE 
as well as other programmes on the other streams: 
A Question of Europe, on the eve of the European Summit from
Cardiff, a group of leaders in a debate led by Huw Edwards, with
an audience of international students. Repeats of the half
sesquihour show are on AE Mon 0815; As Sun 2115, Mon 0815 (BBC WS Press 
Office via Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 944)

U S A. A few weeks ago WWBS told me they had to rebuild part of
the final amplifier, the latest delay. Whenever I check, they 
say they will be ready to go on the air "in a few weeks" (George 

U S A [non?]. Checking 9760, Sat May 30 at 2128, heard repeating
ID marker with tone burst, "This is Radio Free Europe - Radio
Liberty, Praha". I thought this was a VOA frequency. People
often hear similar ID markers from R. Free Asia, which I think
are not intended for broadcast, but to keep the feed channel
open and identified (Glenn Hauser, OK)                       ###

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