[HCDX]: Maakeski loggings
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[HCDX]: Maakeski loggings

Latest loggings from Maakeski!

162 R France '98. Live report from match Belgique-
Pays-Bas. 2030 UTC June 13.

1080 SER R Coruna. Local commercial break. 2128 UTC June 13.

4823 LV de la Selva, Iquitos. 0020 UTC June 13.
Mensajes, loteria, a lot of commercials, and live music.

4960 Cima 100, Sto Domingo. Reactivated as already
reported. Merengues and slogan "Exitos del hoy!". 
0045 UTC June 13.

6025 R Illimani, La Paz. Disappointment, I expected
Amanecer. 0000 UTC June 14.

11735 R Oriental, Montevideo. Highlights of the games
of the day; many goooooools and nice commercials.
RAI programme (scheduled 2200 UTC) was apparently dropped
for the occasion. "Oriental, la Radio de Mundial"
2135 UTC June 13.

15150 VO Indonesia, 1800 German, 1900 French, 
2000 English. SINPO 54555.  1830 UTC June 12. 

21550 Voz Cristiana. 1810 UTC June 12.

Jari Lehtinen
Lahti, Finland.
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