[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings

Bill Harms

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 4779.91 Onda Musical. 2245 ID after announcement.  
Blasting in. (30 Nov Harms - MD)

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 4960.12 Radio Cima (Presumed) 2245-2302  Strong 
signal, but distorted audio ruined listenability. Music and 
announcements in Spanish. (30 Nov - Harms-MD)

PERU 4748.3 Radio Huanta 2000 1025 Male announcer clear ?Radio Huanta 
Dos Mil? ID and talk by male in Spanish SIO 343.  Carrier frequency 
was a little  wobbly and I could not get a good lock on it (7 Dec 
Harms - MD)

PERU 6479.72 Radio Altura 0007 Male talk in Spanish with a Clear ID. 
Fairly good signal. (1 Dec Harms - MD)

PERU 6520.14 Ondas del Mararon (Presumed) Hit and run logging. 0005 
Poor modulation - music a little better than voice. Native music. No 
ID heard.  SIO 333 (1 Dec Harms - MD)

PERU 6535.75 Radiodifusoras Huancabamba (Presumed) 2335-2356:30 
Several music selections by a group on native instruments with some 
singing.  Great listening! A male announcer mentioned things like 
?programma,? ?musical?, ?radio?, and ?amigos.? But no ID.  (30 Nov 
Harms - MD)

PERU 6797.66 Radio Ondas del Rio Maya (Presumed) Flute and drums in a 
couple of musical selections.  Then ?Hang ?em High? Theme. 
Announcement by male but no ID.  SIO 333 (1 Dec Harms - MD)

SOUTH AFRICA 17870 (Presumed) Channel Africa 1822-1830 News 
commentaries and interviews and an African Sports Roundup in English. 
Language changed at 1830 without an ID or an announcement.  Good 
listenable signal SIO 444  (7 Dec Harms -MD)

UKRAINE 9620 Radio Almaty Relay (tentative) 1245-1300 Lots of music 
and short announcement in presumed Korean (reception was so poor I 
could not tell the language)  seemed // to one of the stations on 
11840.  SIO 222 (7 Dec Harms -MD)

VATICAN CITY Radio Vatican 0341-0350 Program in presumed-listed 
Albanian and IS ID at 0344.  Fair signal with some UTE QRM. (COMMENT: 
This frequency is listed as the site inside the Vatican itself and 
not the site on Italian soil) (1 Dec Harms-MD)

YEMEN 9780.32 ( Presumed) Yemen Radio. 1835-1900 Male talk in English 
and oldies like ?Boogie Time? (not sure of the title) and others. 
Heard possible mention of Yemen and definite mention of ?English 
service? at 1859.  An IS on a stringed instrument and an ID by a male 
announcer.  The ID was muffled in the interference from the station 
on 9780.0 which seemed to be Radio Canada International.  SIO 232 (7 
Dec Harms -MD)
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