[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX 98-53
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[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX 98-53

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-53, Dec 17 1998

{items from this and all our other reports may be reproduced and
re-reproduced ONLY providing full credit be maintained at all

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 969. See topic summary at

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COSTA RICA. Latest versions of AWR schedules, I notice, no longer
show any English on TIAWR. Well, that takes care of trying to keep
track of when Wavescan may or may not appear. Indeed, at 0010 
check Dec 15 and other times, they were in Spanish on 9725 (Glenn
Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 969)

CROATIA. English news bulletins at 0200 & 0300 are now on 6130 
(ex 9925).  Heard Dec 15 with an excellent signal (Ivan Grishin,

IRAQ [and non]. Satellite feeds of radio services, external and
domestic, and SW and MW frequencies disappeared abruptly at 2330
UT Dec 16, as air strikes on Baghdad were being reported, and
still had not returned by 1130 Dec 17. CTK news agency reports
that RFE/RL expanded broadcasts to Iraq and Iran from two to four
hours, and also expanded services to Russia, Central Asia ((c)BBC 
Monitoring Dec 17 via Hauser)

NETHERLANDS [non]. This is no doubt a temporary deep winter
phenomenon, but RN's English to Europe in the hour before and
after 1230 are being well-received here on 9855, which as I
recall is DTK, noted Dec 16, but some CRI IS QRM underneath
at 1230 if not before; so another morning option for us. This 
week's documentary, repeated on Fri is about Rwanda, and they
said next week's would be "The Real Mother Goose" (Glenn Hauser,

SPAIN. I noticed last week that Terry Burgoyne did not do a 
new distance unknown on REE. The same was true this week when an 
REE announcer played a repeat of a Distance Unknown show. However,
this time I heard them say that Terry had retired from REE
and was irreplaceable (I wonder if there's more to that statement
with respect to REE's DX show?) (Pete Costello, NJ, WORLD OF RADIO

SRI LANKA [non]. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are back on
SW, as The V. of the Tigers, trial run at 0100-0130 on 7460 
(TamilNet website Dec 13 via BBC Monitoring via WORLD OF RADIO
969) Hmmm, same site as IBC at 0000-0100? We can't be sure it's 
CIS (Glenn Hauser)

SWITZERLAND. Muhammed Said of Kansas City called to report hearing 
Swiss Radio Intl talking about cutting out or drastically reducing 
English broadcasts except on the internet. He didn't catch all the 
details. Peace and good DX, (Rachel Baughn, Monitoring Times, Dec
15 via Hauser)

U K O G B A N I / U S A. British fascists are negotiating airtime 
on a US shortwave station to broadcast their far right hate message 
to UK listeners. A team from the National Front is said by the 
Sunday Express (13/12/98) to be holding secret talks in New Orleans 
with an American broadcast company. N.F. National Directorate 
spokesman Wayne Ashcroft said "this is a great opportunity for the 
National Front" claiming "our message of white nationalism can get 
everywhere." If nothing else, this demonstrates how slow witted the 
Nazis are since it has been possible for many years to buy airtime 
on US shortwave stations to broadcast just about anything. American 
fascists have been doing it a long time.

Help us say "no to the Nazis!" by

1 - writing to your MP (British politicians can do nothing to change 
    US legislation but they can make some noise),

2 - writing to the American Embassy
        American Embassy
        Grosvenor Square
3 -writing to us to say you will support a campaign to buy airtime on 
   the same station to broadcast anti-nazi programmes. Do it now.
(Alan Fossey helpfm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, WORLD OF RADIO 969 and 

UNIDENTIFIED NOISE BURSTS. High-speed noise pulses most evident 
on open 9615, 9535, 9680, 9750, 9595, 9600 but also QRMing CBC 
9625, RA 9660, and many other frequencies, before and after 1300. 
This time I cannot correlate it with RHC on 9550, which is 
suspiciously undermodulated. The pulses are extremely regular at 
a rate too fast to count, maybe 20 or 25 per second, and may fade
up and down a bit, as noted Dec 13, 17. Presumably from a 
malajusted SWBC transmitter or jammer, but whose? (Glenn Hauser) ###

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