Re: [HCDX]: turbocharged Trans-Atlantics
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Re: [HCDX]: turbocharged Trans-Atlantics

WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
> Medium wave signals from northern Europe were very strong here
> between 0200 and 0500 UTC on 18 DEC 1998 in Billerica, MA 
> (15 miles / 24 km north west of Boston).
I noted this from the other side here in Germany near Wolfburg. Early fade in of 
1510 WNRB at 21.05 UTC, 1690 WMDM at 21.15 UTC and 1670 WNML at 21.50 UTC 17 
DEC. All with strong signals. Over night I recorded 4 frequencies, but I havn't 
already listen to the tapes. During a short listening in the morning before 
work, 04.45 - 05.05 UTC the new x-bander on 1650 booming in, with phone ins, wx 
for Portsmouth and ABC News.


Hartmut Wolff

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