Re: [HCDX]: London 1650 kHz ???
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Re: [HCDX]: London 1650 kHz ???

Hi list,

> My friend Lars Simm in Borlaenge heard a station from London(?)
> between = 2345 and 0015 UTC sunday evening on 1650,0 kHz. They
> announced the = address as 9 the Hollies(?), London N11 2EA. Phone:
> 495 6522186. The = programme "High and mighty ..." was a phone-in
> one (1800 8668883) with = calls from both UK and the United States.
> 1800 commercials with prices = in US $. Anybody who knows anything
> about this??? 73 Fredrik Douren, Borlaenge, Sweden.

I can confirm this as I happened to tape 45 mins between 2340 and 0025  
UTC. They gave the name of the station as Radio Antares, 1650 khz.
Phone in the UK as 0956-522186.
US format Christian talk with phone-in 1-800-866-8833 and an address  
in Oregon. Also US commercials.
At 0025 talk about two radio stations and a PIRATE radio station  
I wonder who this was as conditions to the USA were good but signals  
seem having been a bit too stable for TA.

73's de JST

Joachim Stiller in Central Germany

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