Re: [HCDX]: Guyana or Namibia on 3290 ?
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Re: [HCDX]: Guyana or Namibia on 3290 ?

>Hello Dx-ers,
>Yesterday, December 19, 06.39 UTC I heard a station on 3289.8 in English.
>Reception quality was rather poor, so I did not get a local ID (if any).
>However, at 07.00 there was BBC world Sce news. Strange enough not in // with
>Does someone know if the Guyana Broadc. Co. relays BBC news at this hour ?
>do at some other hours apparently.

Yes, they do. Alternating with VoA-Relays, changing daily. GBC is operating
here 24h now, as the alternative tx for the second frequency is not
operational. Time frame for relays is 0400-0800.
This info is already included in the recent issue of the Tropical Band List.
Source: Cumbre 219, 12/98


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