[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX 98-54
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[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX 98-54

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-54, Dec 22, 1998

{items from this and all our other reports may be reproduced and
re-reproduced ONLY providing full credit be maintained at all

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 970. See topic summary at

CHILE. Pinochet's revenge? Or the evangelical penchant for
taking up as many frequencies as possible? Voz Cristiana has
a nasty spur problem, centered about plus and minus 27 kHz,
but spreading plus and minus 5 kHz or more from these spots:
Dec 20 at 0444 the 11690 transmitter with dirty, broad FM
spurs around 11717 and 11663, covering 11708-11723 and 11660-
11668 at least. And 21550 transmitter (same one?) Dec 20 at
2117 check with FM spurs around 21523 and 21577, still there
at 2313 recheck (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 970)

IRAN [non]. WWCR's alleged three-day-a-week service to Iran in
Persian and Kurdish is easier to confirm now that 12160 has 
replaced 15685 at 1100-1200, but Tue Dec 22 at 1157 check an old-
time-radio show with an address in Portland was concluding in 
English; we need to try also on Fri and Sat at 1100 (Glenn 
Hauser, OK)

IRAQ [non]. Radio Free Iraq Broadcast Schedule
Note: Broadcasts expanded to four hours of programming daily as 
of 17 December 1998. 
UTC/GMT   LocalTime Frequency    
0200-0300 0500-0600 5965 6015 7105 9635 
0300-0400 0600-0700 5965 7110 7275 9740 
1500-1600 1800-1900 6130 9835 11965 12015 
1600-1700 1900-2000 6130 9540 11915 11965 

Schedule updated 18 December 1998. 
This Service broadcasts in Arabic from Monday through Sunday. 
Iraqi local time is +3 UTC. 
(RFE/RL R. Free Iraq page via Glenn Hauser Dec 21; tnx to tip from 
Celio Romais, radioescutas)

KOREA SOUTH. RKI Murtiwave Feedback's Han Hee Joo expects to have
a new co-host Jan 4 replacing Maria Echevarria who departed earlier 
this month and left some comments on the website:  Esther somebody, 
a Korean/American. RKI holiday specials this year will not be as 
extensive as last year; first, a 3-part year-in review:

Mon Dec 28 SK politics and diplomacy
Tue Dec 29 social and economic matters
Wed Dec 30 culture and arts
Thu Dec 31 special Adieu 1998
Fri Jan 1 NY messages from presidents of exec, judicial and
 legislative branches of govt, and from the private sector; and
 a 30-minute special on Hi Hopes for 1999 from people in various
45 Special Listeners have been chosen for 1999, including Bill
Matthews who has contributed DX and technical reports for 9 years,
his pix on the website http://www.kbs.rki.co.kr  Each of ten 
language sexions chose 4 or 5 SLs (RKI MWF Dec 20 via Glenn Hauser,

SPAIN. Regarding DX Report 98-53 and Terry Burgoyne.  I wish I had had 
the tape recorder going, but I didn't.  Two weeks ago, even though the 
program was a repeat, Terry was live in the studio to introduce the 
program.  He said hello, said that this would be his last program and 
then said something to the effect that the management at the station 
only wanted younger people on the air.  
     The next week, the program was a repeat again, but the announcer 
said that Terry had retired.  Terry didn't say anything at all about 
retirement the previous week, just the dig at management about 
wanting younger people on the air.  I got the impression that the 
program would be dropped when they found something to stick in its 
slot. (John H. Carver Jr., Mid-North Indiana, Dec 17 via Hauser)

U S A. WWBS, Macon, GA: Did not check UT Sat Dec 19, but did check
11900 UT Sun Dec 20 from 0038 tune-in: loud and clear with local
preacher must be this; 0100 WWBS ID by woman, Mrs. Josey, I assume,
outroing Macon preacher Pastor John, address wwbsradio@xxxxxxx and
intro another Macon preacher (as if there were any demand 
whatsoever outside Macon to hear them!); 0129 another break, ID,
asking for reports to P O Box 18174, Macon, GA 31209; mentioned
something previously on a Friday night; recheck 0155 already back
to station announcer with wrapup, by now signal having faded
down considerably but still above some co-channel with sub-
audible het, sounded transpolar which itself went off at 0201*;
offered Jesus literature, addresses, "back tomorrow night at 7 pm
EST" so on three nights a week? Asked for programming suggestions
as time expands, such as Christian music; they still have "problems
to work out", off at 0159* BTW, Dave Frantz at WGTG continues to
predict WWBS will get into big trouble for RF QRM problems in
downtown Macon. 

Checked again UT Monday Dec 21; actually between 2358 Dec 20 and
0010 Dec 21 the carrier went on and off numerous times, along
with vairous buzzes and hums. Finally came on to stay at 0032,
0033 apology for lateness, "Watchman on the Wall" with another
local preacher, Brendan Roberts; 0100 ID acknowledging E-mail
from Massachusetts, Seattle, Finland; tape if this is on WOR 970.
Already gone when rechecked at 0155 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

U S A. WEWN is the cause of numerous false signals on our
receivers' higher bands, due to overload from its excessively
high field strength on what is in effect a domestic shortwave
broadcast beamed westward from Alabama. But here is one which
seemed actually to be transmitted and propagated, as it faded
in and out: 25490, which is 11875 plus 13615, Dec 20 at 1820
with Ave Maria on guitar; also stronger on 27230 = 2 x 13615,
which may have been receiver-produced due to overload, but 
not heard on 23750 = 2 x 11875. The 25490 was audible on four
different receivers, including indoor reel-out antennas (Glenn
Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 970)                           ###

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