[HCDX]: Limekilns Logbook
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[HCDX]: Limekilns Logbook

A few recent loggings made at Limekilns, NSW, approx 20 km from Bathurst:

Receiver: Yaesu FRG-100
Antenna:  80m longwire

4925.7	BOLIVIA.  R.San Miguel, Riberalta.  Long monologue, ID, then
accordion/carnivale mx 0914, 17/12

4945	BOLIVIA.  R.Illimani, La Paz.   ID, time check 0910, followed by
balladeer. Strong, 17/12

5025	PERU.  R.Quillabamba.   Dominant on channel, campesino mx, couple of
IDs 1022, over presumed Cuba, 17/12

5060	UZBEKISTAN.  R.Tashkent.  S/on 1200 in English, good level.  Also heard
on //5975, 22/12

6070	CANADA.  CFRX, Toronto.  Talkback/interview program on immunisation
0845, a fraction above RRI Jayapura in frequency & 	equal level this day,

6160	CANADA.  CKZN, St Johns.  Classical music px 0815 t/in, gave address in
St. Johns 0859 & ID as "CBC Radio One".  Spoilt, 	as usual, by Deutsche
Welle Antigua from 0900, 17/12

17560	IRAN.   IRIB, Teheran.  EE to Asia 1130 t/in, strong but with
transmitter hum.  Also heard on 13650, 20/12

21540	GERMANY.  RTBF via Juelich.  Testing in the week leading up to Xmas,
s/on 1100 with signature tune & French IDs.  Had full 	ID in French and
English 1108, 20/12

'73 from down under!

                     Craig Seager
             Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Contributing Editor Radio & Commmunications
              ACP Syme Magazines
        Oztrail Editor, Australian DX News
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