Re: [HCDX]: NRD-545
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Re: [HCDX]: NRD-545

> Since a few months I have a NRD-545.
> I like to know the following:
> I like to control the 545 with my computer,but have
> no software programme.
> Are there users of the 545, using the 545 with a
> software programme?
> Thank you so much for the reactions!!!

Hello Ruud,

I just got mine NRD-545DSP five days ago - from Andy's
Funkladen in Bremen (Germany). In the box there were also CDR
with JRC's own software.

You should also be able to download the software from this page
at JRC:
The size of the programme is 4.7 Mb.


Jens Sondergaard - Randers, DENMARK.

* Receivers used: JRC NRD-545DSP, JRC NRD-72 and Collins 51J-4.
* Antenna used:   20 m. L-antenne w. matching balun; mediumwave-loop

* Member of DSWCI/the Danish Shortwave Club International.

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