Re: [HCDX]: NRD-545
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Re: [HCDX]: NRD-545

On 22 Dec 98, at 20:11, Mathias Eisenkolb wrote:

> Ruud Vos schrieb:
> > I like to control the 545 with my computer,but have
> > no software programme.
> I would be interested in the same for the NRD-525.

There is no specific software for the NRD-525 on the JRC home-
page. A programme that I know of, that should control the NRD is
"Visual Radio 2.04.00". Info and demo are available from this
- but the price: 199DM! (from Difona Communication, Germany).

> I'm searching for the RS-232 computer connector, too.

Is'nt just an ordinary RS-232C cable? Could someone who knows,
follow up on this. 

Merry X-mas and a happy new year

* Jens Sondergaard - Randers, DENMARK.
* Receivers used: JRC NRD-545DSP, JRC NRD-72 and Collins 51J-4.
* Antenna used:   20 m. L-antenne w. match; mediumwave-loop
* Member of DSWCI/the Danish Shortwave Club International.

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